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Intriguing Chinese Culture 1
ISBN: 9787508535432 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 06/2017 | Series: Intriguing Chinese Culture
A generously illustrated series introducing traditional Chinese ideas and beliefs that are still relevant today. The series (Intriguing Chinese...

Colorful Chinese Festivals: The Spring Festival
ISBN: 9787212100230 | Publisher: Anhui People's Publishing House | Published on 08/2018 | Series: Colorful Chinese Festivals

Chinese Red: Gold and Silver Articles
ISBN: 9787546127088 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 06/2012 | Series: Chinese Red

Selected Poems and Pictures of the Tang Dynasty
ISBN: 9787900900043 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 06/2019 | Series: Chinese Traditional Culture Series
This book comprises 100 poems selected from 300 Tang Poems compiled by Hengtang Tuishi, plus phonetic annotation of Chinese characters and 100...

When Chinese Goes Wrong
ISBN: 7100093643, 9787100093644 | Publisher: The Commercial Press | Published on 06/2014

China: Country Profile (4th Edition)
ISBN: 9787301249215 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2015

Chinese Values: Traditional Culture and Contemporary Values
ISBN: 9787119100654 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 01/2018
The Study of Chinese Culture Guoxue, national learning or the study of Chinese culture, focuses on the native culture of China, as opposed to xzxue,...

Sharing the Beauty of China: Chinese Clothing
ISBN: 9787508540139 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 08/2018 | Series: Sharing the Beauty of China | Reviews:
In the Chinese way of describing the necessities of life, clothing ranks at the top of “clothing, food, shelter and means of travel”,...

Murals of Gongga Qude Temple (Milestone of Tibetan Buddhist Art History)
ISBN: 9787513407878 | Publisher: Forbidden City Publishing House | Published on 12/2015

Opening Ceremony of Shanghai World Expo 2010 (DVD)
ISBN: 9787799312699 | Publisher: China International TV Corporation | Published on 05/2010 | Reviews:
Region Code: All Region Language: Mandarin, English Picture Format: PAL Length: 120mins

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Opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics (2 DVD)
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