Diffusing Eastern Learning Westward: Classics and Sinology

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Table of Contents
Ecological Dialogue
Wole Soyinka's Philosophy of Ecocriticism
Ecocriticism in China
An Ecofeminist Exploration of The Left Hand of Darkness
Innovations of New Confucians as a Response to the Global Ecological Crisis
A Study of Life of Pi from the Perspective of Ecocriticism
An Ecocritical Analysis of Mo Yan's Works
Going back to Ziran,or Going back to Dao?Ken Wilber's Integral Ecology:
A New Possible Approach towards Today's Ecocriticism in China
An Analysis of Ecocriticism from the Perspective of Cultural Poetics
Ecological Aesthetics and Cultural Diversity in the Film Art—Taking the Chinese
Film Back to 1942 and the American Film Life of Pi as Examples
Growing Anxiety and Ecological Wisdom in Bless Me,Ultima
Nature—Human Integration:The Yin—Yang Philosophy in Ang
Lee's Film Life of Pi
A Story of Kingfishers—Interpretation of Women on the Edge from the Perspective of Ecofeminism
Film Reviews
Ann Hui and Films with the Subject of "Chinese Elderly"
Chinese Women Film makers:A New Prominent Power in Chinese Film Industry
Escaping the "Gaze":Representations of Chinese Women Images in Ann Hui's Works
Unique Perspective of Chinese Female Directors
Western Feminism and Chinese Feminist Films in the 1980s
Cultural Studies
Chinese Calendar Culture
An Analysis of the Americanized Mulan from a Cross—Cultural Perspective
A Comparison of the Grammars and Text Structures between English and French
Using Proper Chinese Films as Teaching Materials in TCFL
Translating Classics
Translation and Interpretation of the Taoist Creation Myth—Taking the Keyword Hundun as an Example
Translating the Classics in a Modern Context—Reconstructing the Misinterpreted Essence
Bible Translation in China and Cross—Cultural lnterpretation of Religion—Taking the Chinese
Translation of Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed as an Example
Transmission and Reception of Ancient Classics in the Modern World—An Analysis of the Interpretation and Translation of The Analects in China and the West
Why Do We Translate?—Rethinking Functional Translation Theory
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After Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature,his works caused a widespreadconcern As can be seen from the above analysis,the ecological significance manifestedin his works is self—evident.Many natural customs and harmonious relationships among people refiect persons living in the modern society.In the contemporary socialenvironment,especially in cities,it is difficult to see simple and fresh natural sceneries.Just because persons live in the environment with reinforced concrete buildings,their desire to communicate with others is obstructed.Mo Yan's works act as a revelationand reminder in the contemporary society.Although the contemporary society is notdirectly evaluated in his works,a far—reaching significance of the works lies in therevelation of new meanings in every social stage.
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Diffusing Eastern Learning Westward: Classics and Sinology