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Browse the Homepages of Civilization
ISBN: 9787539620084 | Published on 07/2001 | Series: The Boat of Life
The fifth volume chiefly introduces modern civilizations and inventions. Here click the mouse of time to browes the homepages, and you will learn...

Chinese Folk Customs
ISBN: 9787539632568,7539632569 | Published on 08/2009
Do you know how to deal with Chinese people in real Chinese way? Do you want to understand Chinese miportant festivals and customs? So please begin...

Dive for Pearls of Life
ISBN: 9787539620107 | Published on 07/2001 | Series: The Boat of Life
The forty essays included in this volume concentrate on life's lessons that are most beneficial to students in their early years of independent life....

Eco-System Constructors in China
ISBN: 9787539647739 | Published on 12/2013

Gaze at Sweet Homes
ISBN: 9787539620091 | Published on 07/2001
Forty articles in the book elaborate on all sorts of feelings. They are meant to help the students to distinguish between love and infatuation, to...

Navigate Through the Course of the Humanities
ISBN: 9787539620077 | Published on 07/2001 | Series: The Boat of Life
It provides materials on such humanistic knowledge as history, geography, music, arts, literature and languages. Here the authors give you a guided...

Teaching foreigners to learn zither (with CD)
ISBN: 9787539649269 | Published on 10/2014 | Reviews:
... more info

The Confucian Spirit and the Chinese Dream
ISBN: 7539662689, 9787539662688 | Published on 08/2018

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