Eco-System Constructors in China

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Table of Contents
Foreword / 1
From Board Chairman to King of Scrappers
--Lan Yajun, a Renowned Environmentalist in Guiyang / 1
Original Simplicity--Another Charm
--Liao Xiaoyi, a Non-Governmental Environmentalist in China / 14
Ecological Painting Scrolls on the Hopeful Field
--Sun Jun, Founder of Peking Green Cross Ecological
Culture Transmission Center/26
From a Wasteyard to an Industrial Park
--Wu Xuanhui, Director of Peking Chaoyang
Circular Economy Industrial Park Management Center / 37
He Always Cherishes a Dream--Ma Zhong, Dean
of Environment School, Renmin University of China / 47
Thirty-Year Endeavor to Retain Azure Skies and White Clouds
--Hao Jiming, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering / 57
To Guard Our Homeland with Ideal and Persistence
--Huo Daishan, a Defender of the Huai River / 70
Looking up the Universe While Standing Firmly on the Ground
--Ma Jun, Director of Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs / 81
A Special Truckman" in Battles of Safe Water Supply
--Zhang Xiaojian, a "Water Cleaner" Cultivated by Tsinghua University / 93
Son of the Desert and His Green Kingdom
--Wang Wenbiao, Winner of the United Nations Environment and Development Award / 103
Carving His Name on the Green Mountains
--Yang Shanzhou, "Son of the Daliang Mountain" / 114
From a Lumbering Model Worker to an Afforestation Hero
--Zhao Xihai, a Planting Man in Pizhou Forestry Farm / 125
A Woman Biologist Wandering in Woods
--Lv Zhi, Director of Shan Shui Conservation Center / 135
Dancing with Swans--Yuan Xueshun,
President of Weihai Swan Protection Association / 145
An Appeal for Protecting the Fountainhead of the Yangtze River
--Yang Xin, President of Promotion Association of Protecting River and Lake Environment / 156"
Eco-System Constructors in China