Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Ancient Chinese Who Left Their Marks on History

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To understand a country is to understand its people. In this book, we will take you on a tour through the long history of China to recall the life story of 88 important figures who left their personal marks in philosophy, art and literature, religion, science and technology and political movements.

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Lu Ban,also known as Gongshu Ban,was born into a family that had been practicing carpentry for several generations in the State of Lu around the time when the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476 BC)was to be replaced by the Warring States Period(475-221 BC).
When he was young,Lu joined his family members in many construction projects around the state and he was very quick in learning the family trade.He was also very bright and innovative.He was extremely keen on inventing new tools to either better the quality of woodworks or improve the efficiency of the job.
For instance,carpenters at that time didn't have saws.So they had to use axes to cut and chip the wood into the shapes they wanted.Of course,that was laborious and the products often turned out to be coarse.
One day,Lu cut his finger on a leaf.He took a close look at the leaf,wondering how it could be so sharp and easily cut through skin.When he saw the leaf had a serrated edge it dawned on him that a toothed edge could make cutting easier and more effective.In the following days,Lu produced the first saw in history.
He also invented many other carpentry tools and weapons.Around 450 BC,Lu moved to the State of Chu in today's Yangtze River Delta area.To help the state battle its enemies,he invented various weapons,such as grappling hooks and rams for fighting on boats and thecloud ladder"for attacking walled towns.

Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Ancient Chinese Who Left Their Marks on History