Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Gems of Chinese Classics

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Author: Zhang Ciyun;
Language: English
Page: 84
Publication Date: 05/2020
ISBN: 9787532781652

Throughout China’s long history, classic texts have played a vital role in shaping the country and influencing the daily lives of its people. They have provided academic learning, practical advice and instructions on how to live in harmony with man and nature. They have also given expression to hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows.

In this series of short articles, originally published in a weekly column in the English-language Shanghai

Daily, we introduce classic texts spanning more than 3,000 years and covering subjects ranging from medicine, mathematics and military strategy to religion, literature, arts and travel.

These articles, written by Shanghai Daily’s founding Editor-in-Chief Zhang Ciyun, tell interesting stories behind some of China’s most famous classic texts and reveal their indelible mark on the Chinese culture and their enduring influence in the country's history.


About the Author

Born in Shanghai in 1949, ZHANG Ciyun (Peter) is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Shanghai Daily, a leading regional English-language daily newspaper on the Chinese mainland. He is also a prolific translator and writer.

Mr. Zhang graduated from Jilin Normal University in China, majoring in English language, and later from Stanford University in the United States with a master’s degree in journalism.

Starting from 1980, he had worked in several news agencies in China and helped bring into existence four English-language newspapers, including China Daily and Shanghai Daily.

Table of Contents

三 字 经

Three Character Classic

千 字 文

Thousand Character Classic

百 家 姓

Hundred Family Surnames

周 易

Book of Changes

考 工 记

The Records of Examination of Craftsmen

山 海 经

The Classic of Mountains and Seas


Ancient Guide Still Yields a Harvest


The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art


China's First Agricultural Encyclopedia

水 经 注

Commentary on the Waterways Classic

缀 术

The Method of Interpolation


Materia Medica for Dietotherapy Contents

茶 经

The Classic of Tea

酒 经

The Classic of Wine and Spirits


Dream Pool Essays

授 时 历

The Season-Granting Calendar


Tiangong Kaiwu Encyclopedia


A Complete Treatise on Agriculture


The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon

难 经

Canon of 81 Difficult Medical Issues

伤 寒 论

Treatise on Cold Damage Disorders


Essential Prescriptions in Chinese Medicine


Compendium of Materia Medica

春 秋

The Spring and Autumn Annals

史 记

Records of the Grand Historian


Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government

诗 经

The Book of Songs

离 骚

The Lament


Explaining and Analyzing Characters


The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons

唐 诗

Tang Poetry

宋 词

Song Lyric Poetry

西 厢 记

Romance of the West Chamber

窦 娥 冤

The Injustice to Dou E

牡 丹 亭

The Peony Pavilion

西 游 记

Journey to the West

水 浒 传

Water Margin


Romance of the Three Kingdoms

红 楼 梦

A Dream of Red Mansions

金 瓶 梅

The Plum in the Golden Vase


Strange Stories of Liaozhai


The Scholars


The Ultimate Anthology of Ancient Prose

道 德 经

The Book of Virtue

论 衡

Discourses Weighted in the Balance

盐 铁 论

Discourses on Salt and Iron

金 刚 经

The Diamond Sutra

坛 经

The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch

兰 亭 序

Calligraphy Sage's Crowning Masterpiece


The Art of War


Thirty-Six Stratagems


The Travelogue of Xu Xiake

Ancient Chinese Wisdom: Gems of Chinese Classics