An introduction to Philosophy of Technology

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  • Author: Chen Changshu;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 23.6 x 17 x 1.8 cm
  • Page: 324
  • Publication Date: 06/2016
  • ISBN: 9787030490315, 7030490312
  • Publisher: Science Press

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Table of Contents
Translators' Preface
Preface to the Second Edition
1 Technology from the philosophical perspective
1.1 Philosophical issues in technology
1.2 Theory of human reconfiguration of nature
1.3 Philosophy of technology and its neighboring disciplines
2 Birth of philosophy of technology
2.1 Budding thoughts of philosophy of technology
2.2 Modern philosophers' views on technology
2.3 Philosophy of technology in the nineteenth century
2.4 Modern philosophy of technology
3 From undisturbed nature to reconfigured nature
3.1 Differentiation of humanity from nature
3.2 Human reconfiguration of nature
3.3 Characteristics of the reconfigured nature
3.4 Significance of the reconfigured nature
4 Technological fields in human reconfiguration of nature
4.1 Extraction as the basis of human creation of the reconfigured nature
4.2 The leading role of processing in human creation of the reconfigured nature
4.3 Controlin human creation of the reconfigured nature
4.4 Safeguards in the creation of the reconfigured nature
5 Technology and its system
5.1 The issue of defining technology
5.2 Elements of technology
5.3 Systemic structure of technology
5.4 Comments on high technology
6 Process of technological activities
6.1 Origin of technology
6.2 The transition from conceptual technology to realistic technology
6.3 Technology and production
6.4 Technology and engineering
7 Characteristics of technological development
7.1 Self—augmentation of technology
7.2 Compromise and compatibility in technological construction
7.3 Gradual progress and leaping progress in technological upgrading
7.4 Circular rises and falls of technology in its evolution
8 Relationship between technology and science
8.1 Differences between technology and science
8.2 Intermediate links between science and technology
8.3 Interaction between science and technology
8.4 Scientific methods and technological methods
9 Social role of technology
9.1 Comments on technological determirusm
9.2 Technology and economy
9.3 Technology and sociallife
9.4 Technology and politics
9.5 Technology and culture
10 Social constraints on technological development
10.1 Comments on the theory of social constraints on technology
10.2 Role of economy in technology
10.3 National in tervention in technology
10.4 Conceptual culture and technology
10.5 Comments on social technology
11 Enlightenment of technological criticism
11.1 Duality of technology
11.2 Social criticism of technology
11.3 Ecological criticism of technology
12 Technology and human future
12.1 New view of development
12.2 New view of nature
12.3 New view of technology
Sample Pages Preview
Dessauer strongly argued for technology, believing that science and technology was the power for man to survive in the world and provided new ways for human survival.His view of technology is deeply affected by Kantianism.He considered that technology was essentially different from industrial manufacturing and products.Instead, it was a kind of creative action.Dessauer advocated that technological inventions derived from the pre—established solutions to technical problems.They were a "collision of understanding" of these predetermined solutions.Technological creation was realistic existence originating from the thought.
In addition, Dessauer made supplement and amendment to Kantian theory.Based on Kant's critique of scientific understanding (Critique of Pure Reason), of ethical behavior (Critique of Practical Reason) and of aesthetics (Critique of Judgment), he added the fourth critique of technological manufacturing, believing that people could establish active contact with "the thing itself' through manufacturing and technical invention.In this point, he can be said to have surpassed Kant.
Philosophy of technology during the period from Kapp to Dessauer displayed obvious features of engineering tradition.It was mainly related to nature, significance and development laws of engineering and technology themselves.Its founders themselves tended to be engineers (such as Engelmeier and Zschmmer), inventors or entrepreneurs (such as Dessauer) or people with practical experience of technology (such as Kapp).
An introduction to Philosophy of Technology