An Intensive Chinese Course: Words and Phrases (4)

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Table of Contents
使用建议  Directions for Use
第51课  奥运会  The Olympic Games
第52课  棉布的衣服和化纤的衣服  Cotton and chemical fiber clothes
第53课  提拔什么人担任领导职务  What kind of person would be promoted to a position of leadership
第54课  签订一份合同  To sign a contract
第55课  交通堵塞  The traffic jam
第56课  一路平安地到达了广州  He arrived in Guangzhou safely
第57课  航海  Navigation
第58课  世界上的岛屿  Islands in the world
第59课  怎样买东西  How to buy things
第60课  经商是有风险的  There are some risks in business
第61课  创造持久繁荣的局面  To create a situation of lasting prosperity
第62课  按期偿还债务  Paying the debt on time
第63课  选举  The election
第64课  警察当场抓住了他  The police caught him in the act
第65课  民事法庭和刑事法庭  The civil court and the criminal court
第66课  严厉打击盗版行为  A tough crackdown on pirating activities
第67课  保卫祖国  Defending the motherland
第68课  世界上的宗教  The religions in the world
生词表  Vocabulary
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An Intensive Chinese Course: Words and Phrases (4)