English writings of Hu Shih (II) History of Chinese Philosophy and Thought

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Compiled by Zhou Zhiping, professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University, this book contains 27 important English papers and speeches of Hu Shi from 1919 to 1962, including research and presentations of Chinese history, culture, philosophy, religion and Chinese and Western relations. The book not only discusses the historical evolution of philosophical thinking of great thinkers from Lao Zi to Han Fei in the history of ancient Chinese philosophy, but also presents an investigation and analysis of Mediaeval philosophy from the Han Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty (including Dong Zhongshu, Wang Chong, etc.), post-Tang to modern philosophy (including the impact and development of Indian philosophy, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, as well as idealist philosophy of Cheng Zhu and Lu Wang).
Table of Contents
Intellectual China in 1919
Buddhist Influence on Chinese Religious Life
The Renaissance in China
The Civilizations of the East and the West
Wang Mang, the Socialist Emperor of Nineteen Centuries Ago
Conflict of Cultures
The Establishment of Confucianism as a State Religion During the Han Dynasty
Religion and Philosophy in Chinese History
Development of Zen Buddhism in China
Types of Cultural Response
Social Changes in China
The Indianization of China: A Case Study in Cultural Borrowing
A View of Immortality
Historical Foundations for a Democratic China
The Exchange of Ideas Between the Occident and the Orient: A Case Study in Cultural Diffusion
India Our Great Teacher
The Struggle for Intellectual Freedom in Historic China
The Concept of Immortality in Chinese Thought
Chinese Thought
The Natural Law in the Chinese Tradition
Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism in China: Its History and Method
Authority and Freedom in the Ancient Asian World
Yung Wing: One Hundred Years After His Graduation
The Right to Doubt in Ancient Chinese Thought
The Scientific Spirit and Method in Chinese Philosophy
An Appeal for a Systematic Search in Japan for Long-Hidden Tang Dynasty Source-Materials of the Early History of Zen Buddhism
Social Changes and Science
English writings of Hu Shih (II) History of Chinese Philosophy and Thought