A Practical Dictionary of Chinese in Graphic Components

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  • Language: English
  • Format: Paper
  • Page: 829
  • Publication Date: 10/2003
  • ISBN: 7561908822 / 9787561908822
Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)

This dictionary adopts a graphemic system of indexing for Chinese characters. Breaking through the limitations of radical indexing system, this unique system can enable the foreigners to look up Chinese characters in a quick and accurate way and facilitate the mastery of Chinese characters’structure rules as a whole. The entries included are mainly high frequency words, with parts of speech marked on and concise explanations and examples provided. All the explanations and examples are in line with the characteristics of foreigners learning Chinese, showing strong practicability. The appendixes of the dictionary include some common knowledge concerning Chinese word-building, the evolution of characters, strokes, stroke order, traditional and simplified characters and measure words, etc., which are important reference materials for learning Chinese characters.
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A Practical Dictionary of Chinese in Graphic Components