2010 Statistical Yearbook of Zhaoqing

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A "Zhaoqing Statistical Yearbook 2010 " is a major tool of statistics. The Yearbook, mainly through large, detailed statistics objectively reflect the age, history of major year 2009, particularly since reform and opening Zhaoqing economic and social development Situation.

Second, the book is divided into 17 study items, namely: 1. General; 2. population; 3. Employment and Wages; 4. fixed assets investment; 5. energy production and consumption; 6. fiscal and financial and insurance; 7. Price Index; 8. people's lives; 9. urban public utilities; 10. agriculture; 11. industry; 12. the construction industry; 13. Transport and Posts and Telecommunications; 14. domestic trade; 15. Foreign Economic Trade and Tourism; 16. technology; 17 . education, culture, sports, health, social security and others.

Three years in the use of data readers, where the discrepancy with the yearbook, and are subject to the yearbook.
Table of Contents
  1. General Survey;
  2. Population;
  3. Employment and Wages;
  4. Investment in Fixed Assets;
  5. Production and Consumption of Energy;
  6. Finance,Banking and Insurance;
  7. Price Indices;
  8. People's livehood;
  9. Urban Public Utilities;
  10. Agriculture;
  11. Industry;
  12. Construction;
  13. Transport, Post and Telecommunication Services;
  14. Domestic Trade;
  15. Foreign Trade, Economic Cooperation and Tourism;
  16. Science and Technology;
  17. Education, Culture, Sports, Public Health, Social Welfare, Environmental Protection and Others.
2010 Statistical Yearbook of Zhaoqing