A Complement Work of Present Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Acupoints & Meridians

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Introduction to Acupuncture Therapy
1.Commonly Used Needle Instruments
2.Preparation Before Acupuncture
3.Angle, Direction and Depth of Needle Insertion 
4.Common Procedure of Acupuncture Therapy
5.Prevention and Management of Possible Accidents in Acupuncture Therapy
6.Precautions in Acupuncture Therapy
7.Practicing Methods of Needling Skills
8.Contraindications in Acupuncture Therapy

Chapter Two Manipulations of Filiform Needle in Acupuncture Therapy
1.Methods of Controlling the Vitality
2.Methods of Holding the Needle
3.Methods of Inserting the Needle
4.Methods of Manipulating the Needle
5.Manipulations of Attaining, Awaiting and Inducing Needling Sensation
6.Manipulations of Directing the Transmission of Needling Sensation
7.Reinforcing and Reducing Manipulations
8.Manipulations of Retaining Withdrawing the Needle
9.Acupoint-Penetrating Manipulation

Chapter Three Other Needle Instruments and Their Manipulations in Acupuncture Therapy
1.Acupuncture with the Three-Edged Needle
2.Acupuncture with the Cutaneous Needle
3.Acupuncture with the Intradermal Needle
4.Acupuncture with the Electric Needle Apparatuses
5.Acupuncture with the Cauterized Needle
6.Pricking, Cutting, Point-Threading, Point-Catgut-Embedding and Point-Ligation Therapies

Chapter Four General Introduction to Moxibustion Therapy
1.Moxibustion Classification and Its Commonly Used Materials
2.Functions of Moxibustion
3.Precautions for Moxibustion

Chapter Five Special Introduction to Moxibustion Therapy

Chapter Six Micro-Acupuncture Terapy(Local Acupuncture Therapy)
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A Complement Work of Present Acupuncture and Moxibustion: Acupoints & Meridians