2005 Annual Report on China's Software Industry

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Has the high-tech content, the high attachment value characteristic information industry has become the most important method which the multitudinous developed country maintenance economy continues to grow. But takes in the information industry is most active, the most intelligence is crowded also is develops the quickest software industry, is becomes the focal point which the various countries' government pays attention to. The software industry already became the national economy new growth spot. The software industry development will relate to one national politics and the future. The software industry will become 21st century has the most easy childbirth industry scale and most has one broad prospect emerging industry. Our country success will join the World Trade Organization, the multinational corporation all China takes strategic target key, the software enterprise no other will choose joins the international competition in the big stage. How develops, and even how survives, is focal point which in our country software industry public figure cares about.

This research report in the massive thorough markets investigation and study foundation, based on the Chinese software association, CCID, the domestic and foreign publications foundation information, the software profession research unit and so on announces the massive materials which and provides, as well as center grinds the Pu China formidable database, introduced from the many stratification planes the Chinese software industry development general picture, to the domestic software market, the software product, the software service, the software exportation carried on the quantitative analysis, to in the software domain system software, the Linux application, middle software, inserted type software, database software, the finance and business management software, educates software, game software, the pronunciation application software and so on many software applications domain, Made a more detailed analysis. The report also introduced the national software industry base construction, the electronic government affairs, the electronic commerce, the information security, the Chinese information processing, the software human resources and the education training system, and analyzed goes on the market in the company year achievement, the software domain risk investment situation. The report seeks the operation pattern, the desire to the software enterprise which the new opportunity and may profit from in the software domain is engaged in capital the operation unit accurate understanding and so on economical entity at present the software industry development tendency, grasps the enterprise localization and the development direction has the important reference value.

Table of Contents

The first part Current situation of software industry

Chapter one Current situation of software industry of our country 17

Section one The defines and classification of software industry 17

Section two Investment characteristic and development of software industry 19

First, the investment's barrier of software industry 19

Second, the investment's risk of software industry 20

Third, investment profitability of software industry 21

Fourth, investment growth of software industry 21

Fifth, four major characteristics of risk investment of software industry of our country 24

Section three Current situation of the development of software industry of our country 26

First , scale and structure of software industry 26

Second, Distribution of the area of t software industry 35

Third, product structure of software industry 38

Fourth, products market situation of software industry 39

Fifth, the software export moves forward steadily 43

Sixth, the development and change of software industry in recent years 50

Section four Question in the development of software industry of our country 52

First, question in the software industry of our country 52

Second, concrete problem of the software internationalization 58

Chapter two International state of development of software industry 67

Section one International development overview of software industry 67

First, global institutional framework of software industry 68

Second, input of research and development of the global software industry 70

Third , global technology and market of software industry 71

Fourth, global composition of trained personnel of software industry 72

Section two The global software outsourcing is prosperous 73

Section three Global main national state of development of software industry 75

First, overview of American software industry 76

Second, overview of Japanese software industry 80

Third, overview of British software industry 83

Fourth, overview of French software industry 85

Fifth, overview of German software industry 87

Sixth, overview of Finnish software industry 92

Seventh, overview of Israeli software industry 94

Eighth, overview of Indian software industry 98

Ninth, overview of Irish software industry 111

Tenth, the overview of S.Korean software industry 113

Chapter three The environmental development analysis of our country software industry 116

Section one The information industry holds up the blue sky of software industry 116

Section two The E-government expedites the emergence of the new field of software industry 124

First. Current situation of the development of E-government 124

Second, The E-government promotes the development of software market 128

Third, impact on Chinese software market of E-government 130

Fourth, extant question of E-government 133

Fifth, development trend of E-government 135

Section three E-commerce prospers the market of software industry 139

First, Characteristic of e-commerce 139

Second, current situation of global e-commerce 140

Third, the demand analysis of e-commerce subdivided market 142

Fourth, domestic e-commerce situation 147

Fifth, Three perplexing of e-commerce development of our country 149

Sixth, Prediction of the development trend of e-commerce of our country 150

Section four The information safety spurs the software industry to advance 151

First, product structure analysis of information safety 152

Second, main characteristic of market of information safety 153

Third, subject matter of market of information safety 155

Fourth, market trend of information safety 156

Section five Software training helps software industry 161

First, the software train market increase year by year 161

Second, authentication training becomes the mainstream 164

Third, training market analysis of domestic IT 165

Fourth, the train market need the standardization 167

The second part Supply and demand competition analysis of the market

Chapter four Supply and demand analysis of software market of our country 170

Section one Demand state of software Market 171

Section two Market situation of computer 175

First, financial trade 224

Second, telecommunication trade 244

Third, traffic trade 262

Fourth, energy trade 270

Chapter five Analysis of main software product and market 277

Section one Analysis of the platform software 277

First, the analysis of Linux systems soft ware 278

Second, analysis of systematic management software 297

Third, analysis of database software 302

Section two Analysis of the middle software 314

First,Middle software that a dark horse 315

Second, online security software 324

Section three Analysis of application software 344

First, analysis of management software 344

Second, the CAI software becomes new favourites of markets 405

Third, the game software is played all over the whole world 419

Fourth, the embedded software becomes nerve of information life 426

Chapter six Marketing channel analysis of the software 438

Section one The challenge and improvement of traditional channel 438

First, development of the software channel 438

Second, development of the flat channel 444

Section two Channel analysis of the software of 2004 454

First, the development retrospect of software channel 454

Second, whole development trend of the software channel of 2005 456

Section three Channel mode of the typical software company 459

First , Symantec 459

Second , Sybase 461

Third, Beijing Justsoft Information Technology Co.,LTD 462

Fourth, Lenovo 463

Fifth, Beijing Kingsoft 465

Sixth, UFIDA 466

Seventh , CLEVER 467

Eighth, QuickBooks 468

Ninth, Federal Software 469

Chapter seven The competition and influence factor of software trade 471

Section one Competition overview of software trade 471

Section two The service becomes an important link of competition of software 473

Section three Influence factor of competition of software trade 481

First, influence of relevant country's industrial policies 481

Second, WTO impact on competition of software industry 484

Third, preferential policy analysis of software tax revenue 491

The third part The area and enterprise analysis

Chapter eight The analysis of main area and software enterprise of software industry 501

Section one Main software industry base of our country 501

First, software industry base of Beijing 501

Second, software industry base of Shanghai 504

Third, software industry base of Dalian 506

Fourth, software industry base of Guangzhou 510

Fifth, software industry base of Zhuhai 511

Sixth, software industry base of Chengdu 514

Seventh, software industry base of Xi'an 514

Eighth, software industry base of Jinan 515

Ninth, software industry base of Hangzhou 517

Tenth, software industry base of Changsha 518

Eleven, software industry base of Nanjing 519

Twelve, software industry base of Shenzhen 521

Thirteen, the supporting policy compare of main software industry base 522

Section two Analysis of the domestic and international software enterprises 537

First, American Microsof 537

Second, company of Oracle 541

Third , IBM 545

Fourth, company of CA (Computer Associates International Inc. ) 547

Fifth, SAP Company 549

Sixth, Infosys 551

Seventh, China National Software & Service Company Limited 551

Eighth, UFIDA Company 554

Ninth, international software Corporation (Group) of Kingdee 558

Tenth, Neusoft Group Ltd. 561

Eleven, Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. 564

Twelve, Kingsoft group 567

Thirteen, Top group 569

Fourteen , Langchaosoft 572

Section three Analysis of software listed company 575

First, current situation analysis of listed company of software 575

Second, pay close attention in four major investment fields 581

The fourth part Industry's development trend and market entering

Chapter nine Development trend of software industry 583

Section one The growth of software field 583

First, software trade of business management 583

Second, middle software trade 585

Third, software trade of e-commerce project 586

Fourth, software trade of online security 587

Fifth, embedded software trade 587

Sixth , software trade of network application and communication 588

Seventh, Linux software trade 589

Eighth, software service industries 589

Ninth, the field of software exporte 590

Section two Market trend of Chinese software industry 591

Section three Technological development trend of Chinese software industry 598

Section four The programme during the State's Tenth Five-Year Plan Period of software industry 600

First, development goal of software industry 600

Second, developing focus 601

Chapter ten Chance and entrance of software industry market 606

Section one Inferior position and threat of the software industry of our country 606

First, software talents are insufficient, manpower is unreasonable in resource distribution 606

Second, enterprise in small scale to form the competition advantage while being difficult 608

Third, software development lacks the strict project management and quality certification system 608

Fourth, the invest of software is serious and insufficient 610

Fifth, the pirate phenomenon is serious 611

Sixth, the software education lagged behind the social demand 612

Seventh, the occupation rate of market of software is low 612

Eighth, software product structure is unreasonable 613

Ninth , it is not enough to pay attention to intellectual property right of the software 613

Tenth, the software company is eager for quick success 613

Section two Advantage and chance of software industry development of our country 614

First, the macroeconomy changing situation is steady 614

Second, the information industry develops fast 615

Third, the industrial policy environment gets better 615

Fourth, traditional industry's modernized transformation 616

Fifth , the information construction of government and enterprise 617

Sixth, social capital investment 617

Seventh, the effect of entering the WTO appears tentatively 617

Eighth, project of surfing the net of family 618

Section three Risk investment analysis of software industry 618

First, current situation of risk investment of our country 618

Second, risk investment becomes attached to the software industry 620

Section four The tactics of entering the software industry market 622

First, do heavy and meticulous to divide into the market 623

Second, implement the appropriate scale of operation 623

Third, introduced to world and passed through CMM authentication 624

Fourth, train and attract talents 624

Fifth, strive for policy's of the national software support 625

Sixth, insist the internationalization shares strategy 626


Chart:The main losses company of the software in 2002-2004 31

Chart:Main country's production value and global share of software industry 33

Chart:The increases situation of sales amount of Chinese software market over the years 33

Chart:The increases of production value of the software year by year in our country 34

Chart:The average increase rate of Global economy and software industry over the years 34

Chart:The State Ministry of Science and Technology of China sanctions the software centre that sets up over the years 36

Chart:Some overview of software centre 36

Chart:The base construction scale of eleven national software industry 37

Chart:Product structure of Chinese software market over the years 38

Chart:The total value increase situation of Chinese software industry in 2000-2004 40

Chart:The proportion of software in the domestic computer market and GDP over the years 41

Chart:The composing of Chinese software total value over the years 41

Chart:Proportion in the global software market of the concerned countries 41

Chart:The composition of software and service of some national in the whole world 42

Chart:The distribution and change of the sales amount of Chinese software's product market of in the first half of the year over the years 42

Chart:Chinese software export situation of 2000-2004 43

Chart:The contrast situation of the export and the total value of Chinese software in 2000-2004 45

Chart:The export of software according to the area from January to May in 2004 46

Chart:The export of software according to the way of exporting from January to May in 2004 47

Chart:The top ten software export enterprises from January to May in 2004 48

Chart:Such portion in the global total value of software industry of the countries such as China,American, western Europe , Japan , 2000-2003 51

Chart:The world comparing of scope of the enterprise of the top 10 software of China 53

Chart:The world comparing of Chinese software export 55

Chart:The Indian software enterprises which volume of export arranged the top ten in 2003 59

Chart:The total market value of global software and information service over the years 67

Chart:Scale of American software industry (2000) 76

Chart:The products form of American software industry 77

Chart:Distribution of the area of American software industry 77

Chart:Service state of the new strategy of Indian software industry 102

Chart:Development model of the world software industry 115

Chart:Main function sketch that the E-government should possess 126

Chart:The key consideration index of government stock the E-government products 130

Chart:2002- 2004 the increase of scale and rate of China's E-government market 138

Chart:E-government software market of China in 2002-2004 138

Chart:The turnover of Chinese B2C and global B2C in 2004 142

Chart:Every profession and trade IT input take the proportion of total assets of the trade 148

Chart:Change that e-commerce brings to enterprise 149

Chart:the distributed capacity of Chinese IT train market 162

Chart:the distributed brand of Chinese IT train market 163

Chart:the capacity of Growth state of China IT train market 163

Chart:The sale structure of Chinese PCs market of all kinds of products in 2004 184

Chart:Rate of sale increase of Chinese PCs market products of 2003-2004 185

Chart:The sale structure of all kinds of products of Chinese PCs market in 2004 185

Chart:Growth state of vertical market sale of Chinese PCs of 2003-2004 187

Chart:Growth state of regional sale market of Chinese PCs products of 2003-2004 188

Chart:The sales and growth situation of Chinese computer equipment in 2004 193

Chart:The distribution and increase of sales amount of Chinese computer equipment market in 2004 194

Chart:The average price change of sales amount of Chinese computer equipment market in 2004 195

Chart:The change rate of average price of Chinese computer equipment products in 2002-2004 195

Chart:The prediction of sales amount of Chinese computer equipment products in 2005-2009 196

Chart:The investment and increase situation of IT application of Chinese main trade in 2004 200

Chart:2000- 2004 the scale and increase of Chinese software market 206

Chart:The sales amount and rate of increase of Chinese software market be predicted in 2005-2009 214

Chart:The scale and growth of Chinese IT service market in 2004 220

Chart:The prediction of market scale and rate of increase of Chinese IT served market in 2005-2009 223

Chart:Trade structure of Chinese software market of the first half of 2004 224

Chart:The proportion of informationization fund of Financial trade of 2001 226

Chart:The purchase situation of software of Banking in the first half 2005 229

Chart:Structure of service market of information of the first half of 2005 of banking 229

Chart:Key IT investment orientation of pet bank in 2004 231

Chart:Pet bank IT purchade channel of China 232

Chart:Distribution on the silver card software market of every manufacturer 235

Chart:Distribution on the management software market of the securities trading of every manufacturer 239

Chart:The main invest direction of general headquarters IT of securities broker company in 2004 240

Chart:Distribution on the business systems software market of the open-ended fund of every manufacturer 242

Chart:The structure of telecommunication trade IT market 261

Chart:Whole structure that the software of telecommunication trade purchase 261

Chart:The main consideration that users of traffic trade choose IT products in 2004 266

Chart:Consideration that users of traffic trade choose the system integration of 2004 267

Chart:2004 Chinese platform software structure 277

Chart:Sales amount of the platform software market 278

Chart:Product structure of the platform software in the first quarter of 2004 278

Chart:Development course in the past five years of software industry of Linux of China 280

Chart:Linux product market's pattern of our country 281

Chart:Linux industry chain forms 282

Chart:Distribution of the added value of different Linux products in the industry chain 284

Chart:The value chain and products chain of Linux software industry 285

Chart:The compare of market's total amount of China Linux in the first half of 2002-2004 293

Chart:The prediction of China Linux market's total amount in 2002-2005 296

Chart:The market situation of Chinese system and network management software in recent years 298

Chart:Platform structure of systematic management software market of China in the first quarter of 2004 298

Chart:The module operating position of Chinese systematic management software in the first quarter of 2004 299

Chart:The application market distribution of system and network management software in the first quarter of 2004 300

Chart:The prediction of total market amount of Chinese system and network management software in 2002-2005 300

Chart:The subdivided market structure of China IT service in the first half of 2004 301

Chart:The distributed area of Chinese database software market in the first half of 2004 304

Chart:The brand distribution of Chinese database market in the first half of 2004 305

Chart:The trade distribution of Chinese database software market in the first half of 2004 306

Chart:Growth ratio contrast of Chinese database software market in the first half of 2003-2004 306

Chart:The rate of having database brand of educational trade 309

Chart:The production value of State of output value of the middle software of China of 2003-2004 314

Chart:A part of middleware of domestic and international manufacturer 322

Chart:Ten evil ranks of computer virus 324

Chart:Market scale of the online security products in the world 325

Chart:The market distribution of online security software of the world in 2004 326

Chart:The increase of sales amount of online security software market of the domestic 327

Chart:The manufacturer and state of market development of online security products 328

Chart:The product market form of online security in 2004 329

Chart:The consideration factor of the trade User's safe products 330

Chart:The compare of domestic three major defense software 331

Chart:The compare of safe software manufacturers of China and foreign countries 331

Chart:User's demand for the software service of online security 334

Chart:User's appraisal of the degree on different methods of service 335

Chart:User's appraisal on the service result of different methods of service 336

Chart:Sales amount of Chinese management software over the years 345

Chart:All kinds of management software market share of 2004 345

Chart:The subdivided product market of management software of our country in 2004 345

Chart:Structure of product market of the management software of 2004 347

Chart:Total amount of sales amount of management software market of our country of 2002 - 2006 351

Chart:China ERP software market's sales amount and rate of increase over the years 366

Chart:China ERP software market's sales amount and growth over the years 366

Chart:Satisfaction that enterprise ERP uses 367

Chart:Enterprise's user's demand state to the software function module of ERP 369

Chart:Enterprise's user's demand state to the software price of ERP 369

Chart:The trade distribution of China ERP software sales amount in 2004 373

Chart:ERP performances situation of some manufacturing industries and enterprise in China (Add up to the data) 374

Chart:The regional market distribution of China ERP software sales amount in 2004 375

Chart:The brand structure of 2004 China ERP software market 375

Chart:Information-based situation of the domestic logisticsindustry 388

Chart:Every logistics management software market share 388

Chart:The sales amount distribution of Chinese management software market in 2004 390

Chart:The sales amount distribution of Chinese management software trade market in the first half of 2005 390

Chart:The structure of product market of manufacturing industry management software in the first half of 2005 392

Chart:The suggestion of manage software of manufacturing industry 397

Chart:The situations of occupation rate of all kinds of CAI softwares market of the first half of 2004 408

Chart:Situation of developer's occupation rate of market of the CAI software of the first half of 2004 408

Chart:The increase situation of sales volume of CAI software in the first half of 2004( Compare with the same period of 2003) 409

Chart:The whole market scale of the CAI software in 2002-2006 418

Chart:The growth state of sales amount of CAI software subdivided market in 2004 419

Chart:The total sales amount of Chinese network game in 2001-2004 424

Chart:Field in which the embedded software uses 434

Chart:Developing platform of the domestic embedded system 436

Chart:All kinds of channeles of distribution situation of the software manufacturer 449

Chart:The distribution situation of all kinds of direct selling channels 449

Chart:Way of paying of the service of the software 479

Chart:User's appraisal on the expenses standard of services of the software 480

Chart:Commercial users' appraisal of innovation on the software serve 481

Chart:Family users' appraisal of innovation on the software serve 481

Chart:Situation of growth in earnings of software industry of Beijing of 2004 502

Chart:Software industry base situation in Shanghai of 2004 505

Chart:The composing of Software enterprises of software centre of Dalian 509

Chart:State of software industry of Dalian 509

Chart:Industry's state of software centre of Dalian 509

Chart:Condition of sales of Xi'an software of 1996-2004 515

Chart:The turnover of Oracle company of every year 542

Chart:The region distribution that obtained risk investment in 2004 619

Chart:Won the most 7 the first great trades of risk investment in 2004 619

2005 Annual Report on China's Software Industry