2005 Annual Report on China's Banking

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  • Publication Date: 11/2005
In 2005, is China enters world the fourth year. The reform, the innovation and the internationalization were still the our country banking industry's three big subjects. Does not dare to reform, our country bank truly becomes the pursue profit maximization with difficulty the commercial bank, will be going to endanger China to pass the achievement which more than 20 years reform will obtain and endangers Chinese economy later the growth; Not eagerly innovates, our country bank obtains the competitive ability with difficulty in day by day keen competition which continues, is going to continue to pace back and forth in the low level profit management level; Does not dare the internationalization, our country bank with difficulty under in the WTO frame whole world money market the survival and the development, is going to endanger our country the international competition ability. How will the Chinese banking industry reform? How innovates? How internationalizes? When can the Chinese banking industry only then both and be greatly strong?

This memoir closely revolves the reform, the innovation and the internationalization these three subjects, to the international banking industry market development condition, our country banking industry's reform and the development present situation, our country banking industry's innovation and the competition pattern and so on has carried on the thorough analysis, and after joined WTO the opportunity and the challenge, banking industry's internationalization question and so on advancement, banking industry's development tendency and strategy has carried on the discussion.

Table of Contents

Part One The analysis of banking's investment characteristic and investment characteristic

Chapter One The characteristic analysis of banking invests 1

Section One The foundation of banking's market sectionalization 1

First, classification 13

Second, business classification 16

Section Two The characteristic analysis of banking invests 20

First, bank service characteristic 20

Second, analysis the payback period of investment of banking 24

Third, investment risk of the banking 25

Fourth , growth and development potentiality of the banking of our country 27

Fifth, trade cycle of the banking of our country 28

Sixth, entry barrier of the banking 29

Part Two Reform and development of banking

Chapter Two Examine the Chinese banking closely 30

Section One The overall situation of Chinese banking's development 30

First, position in financial circles of Chinese banking 30

Second, general view of Chinese banking 51

Section Two business facilities form of Bank of China 57

First, the occupying state of business facilities of bank 57

Second, the distribution of the Chinese bank agency 61

Section Three Situation of China's banking 65

First, situation of the business of bank account of our country 65

Second, situation of the Chinese bank loan business 69

Third, situation of the intermediate business of Bank of China 74

Fourth, bank card business situation of the bank of our country 90

Fifth, international business situation of the bank of our country 94

Sixth, business situation of agent of the bank of our country 104

Seventh, business situation of management of personal money of the bank of our country 108

Section Four The network bank in China 109

First, state of development of Chinese network bank 109

Second, consumer analysis of network bank 120

Third, the main investigation result of online bank's users 126

Fourth, the main investigation result of the online bank's potential users 127

Fifth, network marketing question of the online bank 127

Section Five Extremely potential rural financial market of China 129

First, rural financial market situation 129

Second, development prospect of the rural financial market of China 133

Section Six Positions and current situations in World Bank industry of Chinese banking 139

First, position in World Bank industry of Chinese banking 139

Second, Essential feature of development of Chinese banking 141

Third, question existing in the Chinese banking develops 144

Chapter Three The run state of Chinese banking 167

Section One The run state of Chinese banking in 2004 167

First, the money supply increases appropriatly , meet the need of the present economic growth 167

Second, enterprise's deposit increases steadily, resident's savings account growth accelerates 173

Third, the loan in foreign currency begins to go up , the foreign exchange reserve increases notably, the exchange rate of RMB remains stable 174

Fourth, the basic currency increases steadily, the excess capital reserve rate of state-run commercial bank is normal 175

Section Two The run state analysis of Chinese banking in 2005 176

First, the run analysis of Chinese currency in the first quarter of 2005 176

Second, banking's prospect forecast of 2005 183

Third, main characteristic that the assets quality of financial institution raises 189

Fourth, the runs analysis of the state-run bank 190

Fifth, the urban commercial bank develops and takes a favorable turn continuously 214

Sixth, domestic economy and finance trend and monetary policy prediction 218

Chapter Four The reorganization of Central Bank and the set-up of China Banking Regulatory Comminsion 227

Section One Central Bank of the weak tendency needs the system reform badly the most 227

First, foundation and development of the People's Bank of China 227

Second, the function of the People's Bank of China develops 230

Section Two Position and acting on of the China Banking Regulatory Commission 243

First, the set-up of China Banking Regulatory Commission 243

Second, the function of the China Bankig Regulatory Commission 250

Third, the implementation of the supervision means and mode 255

Chapter Five The property right improvement and financing plan of the commercial bank 259

Section One The meaning that the property right improves in the Chinese banking 259

First, it helps the commercial bank to get rid of the finance to fetter that the property right is improved 260

Second, it help the commercial bank to improve management system that the property right is improved 261

Third, it help the commercial bank to raise the sufficient rate of the capital and reduce the non-performing loan that the property right is improved 263

Section Two Main way in which the property right improves 265

First, listed on domestic stock market financing 265

Second, introduce external investors 267

Third, introduce the folk capital 269

Fourth, other ways 274

Chapter Six The treatment of the non-performing assets of the bank 278

Section One Objective assessment of potential threat of the bad account 278

First, scale and origin cause of formation of the bad account:the national debt 278

Second, risk that the bad account causes to national economy 306

Section Two Relation between national financial policy and bad account administration 307

First, the bear way and remedy method of the loss of bad account 307

Second, some new thinkings of relying on the state finance to manage the bad account 313

Section Three Current situation and the future of four major property management companies 321

First, cost-benefit analysis which the property management company runs 322

Second, the advantage and inferior position of the property management company 324

Part Three Innovation and competition of banking

Chapter Seven Influence factor of development of Chinese banking 329

Section One Impact on banking of China's economic development situation 329

First, impact on banking of the national economic focal point of work of 2005 329

Second, macroeconomy situation analysis of the first quarter of 2005 337

Section Two The impact on banking of the development of other financial investment tools 358

First, popular investment tool --Influence of the fund 358

Second, market prediction of the fund of 2005 384

Third, the development of the insurance influences the banking 399

Fourth, the impacts on deposit of development of bond industry 402

Fifth, the impact on banking of development of trust business 404

Sixth,the impact on banking of development of stock market 409

Seventh, the impact on banking of development of real estate trade 413

Chapter Eight The composing of Banking's competition pattern 417

Section One Composition of banking's competition pattern of our country 417

First, competition pattern overview of Chinese banking 417

Second, new entrant's impact on competition pattern -- banking admittance 417

Third, four major specialized banks are in the monopoly position 419

Fourth, monopolize in the administration of the banking of our country 419

Section Two Competitive power that can be explored --Retail bank 421

First, the new change of the developed countries'retail bank 421

Second, the classification and analysis of the retail banking's products 423

Third, the current situation and restriction factor of retail business of commercial bank of our country 435

Fourth, development tactics of the domestic retail trade of commercial bank 438

Fifth, the retail trade that the interior foreign capitals bank has a contest 443

Section Three The analysis of running characteristic of five listing banks 447

First, China Merchants Bank:The retail trade advantage is obvious 447

Second, Minsheng Bank:Innovation aspires for development 449

Third, Pudong Development Bank:Realize three major transitions progressively 450

Fourth, Shenzhen Development Bank:Take the lead in implementing the foreign capitals to merge 452

Fifth, Huaxia Bank:Listing course of having difficult labour 454

Chapter Nine Key enterprise's analysis 457

Section One Bank of China 457

First, Bank of China gains 20 billion business to develop and present four characteristics in the first quarter of 2005 457

Second, difficult choice of the overseas listing back of Bank of China 458

Section Two Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 462

First, the State Council determines Industrial and Commercial Bank of China implements the shareholding system reform 462

Second , every deposit , loan balance of the branch within the territory of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 464

Third, profit-and-loss statement of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 465

Section Three Construction Bank of China 467

First, financial situation 467

Second, asset-liabilities situation 469

Third, business performance and development 471

Section Four Agricultural Bank of China 475

First, Agricultural Bank of China will realize managing the profit of 32 billion yuan in 2004 475

Second, question that the reform of agricultural bank should be paid attention to 476

Section Five Bank of Communications 487

Section Six Ever Bright bank 491

Section Seven CITIC Industrial Bank 496

Section Eight China Merchants Bank 499

Section Nine Minsheng Bank --The business is improved 502

First, retail trade 502

Second, company's business 505

Section Ten Shanghai Pudong Development Bank --The internationalized trend is obvious 510

Section Eleven Shenzhen Development Bank --Introduce strategic investors 511

Section Twelve China Industrial Bank 517

Section Thirteen Huaxia Bank 519

Section Fourteen Development bank of Guangdong --Support the medium and small enterprise run by the local people especially 527

Chapter Ten Innovate in order to improve the competitiveness in a more cost-effective manner 529

Section One Bank competition's edge toll --Innovation 529

First,competitiveness analysis of Chinese commercial bank of 2004 529

Second, business innovation of foreign bank 545

Third, rational choice under the demand and competition pressure 549

Fourth, innovate the macroscopical effect:Monetary policy and finance'dafety 558

Fifth, the system is restricted:Main obstacle of products innovation 564

Sixth, restriction of innovation:Ericsson " changes sides " 567

Seventh, commercial bank, organization of independent managenment of the trades launch the suggestion of financial innovation 568

Section Two Innovative great inventory of commercial bank 573

First, innovation of the loans and deposits business 574

Second, innovation of the personal assets business 578

Third, innovation of the intermediate business 580

Fourth, innovation of other respects 580

Section Three The construction of banking's run platform 582

First, the ChinaUnionPay established --Promote the Chinese bank card business 582

Second, China financial authentication centre is established --Assuare the boat is protected and driven for the network bank 586

Third, loan guarantee of small and medium-sized enterprises --Another light spot of the loans market 597

Fourth, await complete the credit grade system 604

Section Four Management of personal money 611

First, business of management of personal money in the ascendant 611

Second, market competition of management of personal money 612

Third, consumer analysis of management of personal money 613

Fourth, business characteristic of domestic management of personal money 620

Section Five Private banking of the transnational bank 630

First, the market of private bank of Asia and China 630

Second, what do the foreign private banks all do for the rich? 631

Third, by what does the private bank keep the customer here? 633

Fourth, the Chinese and foreign finance grappled had already begun 635

Section Six International business 638

First, China's international trade development overview 638

Second, business objective market of international settlement 640

Third, international business competition 641

Fourth, global finance down development trend of international settlement and expand tactics integratively 643

Section Seven Business of the note 649

First, question and countermeasure in the market of note of our country 649

Second, question and suggestion existing in the bank note business 653

Third, characteristic of market of note of our country of 2004 655

Fourth, business competition of domestic note 667

Fifth, influence the restriction factor of business development of note of our country 673

Sixth, the countermeasure of the development of the note business 676

Section Eight The bank acts for the business 679

First, banking insurance 679

Second, investment securities deposit the business within the territory of QFII 683

Section Nine Development of the business of the bank card 685

First, the bank card networks " 314 " in common use the goal is realized in an all-round way 685

Second, ChinaUnionPay how about reply the international standard 686

Third, issued volume and holding the consumption situation of the card 688

Fourth, pattern of market of bank card of our country 690

Fifth, consumer analysis of Chinese bank card market 697

Sixth, advanced customer of the credit card business 703

Seventh, bank card pay system drive e-commerce 710

Part Four Internationalized trends of banking

Chapter Eleven Bank of China steps up preparation, tackles the challenge 718

Section One Impact which the banking of our country received of the first year that joining WTO 718

First, the clause correlated with the banking in WTO 718

Second, joins WTO to our country banking industry's frontage influence 735

Third, joins WTO the pressure and the impact which brings to our country banking industry 737

Fourth, the comparative advantage analysis of Chinese medium and small commercial bank under WTO environment 742

Section Two Capital sufficient rate unceasing enhancement 750

First, the Barthel agreement and its to commercial bank's limit 750

Second, Member of the agreement of Basel state 754

Third, we have very far distances to leave the international standard 764

Section Three Internationalization of the managerial system 765

First, route analysis of the internationalization of Chinese banking 766

Second, main defect on the management system of bank of our country 778

Chapter Twelve Analysis of current situation of the development of foreign banking 781

Section One Foreign banking's characteristic in the 21st century 781

First, management almightization 781

Second, business globalization 781

Third, the competition is fierce 781

Fourth, scale maximization 782

Fifth, serve and innovatization 782

Sixth, income pluralism 783

Seventh, management systematization 783

Eighth, behavior legalization 783

Ninth, means modernization 784

Tenth, establishment of a full-fledged shareholding system of system 785

Section Two The American banking move towards declines 785

First, development course of American banking 785

Second, the system of Bank of America-National Trust & Savings Association moves towards declining 790

Third, trends of American banking of 2004 792

Section Three Japanese banking with very heavy predicament 795

First, Bank of Japan moves towards mixed operation and great merger 795

Second, reform course of the present Japanese banking 804

Third, the Japanese banking faces rectifying and improving greatly 806

Section Four Asian banking while combining 809

First, the Asian banking quickens the steps of combining 809

Second, the bad account questions of the banks of various countries of Asia 811

Section Five New trend of European Union bank 814

First, capital rank of stock market of European Union banking 814

Second, new trend of European Union banking 815

Section Six The drawing lessons and enlightenment of development experience of foreign bank 821

First, the experience of management of the foreign capitals bank is drawn lessons from 821

Second, the enlightenment to our country that U.S.A. deals with experience of the non-performing assets of the bank 824

Third, enlightenment of the privatization of Banco de Maxico 831

Section Seven The large argue of Chinese and foreign banks 840

First, cooperate in management of the Chinese and foreign banks 840

Second, analysis of resident of our country choose to the foreign capitals bank 842

Third, disparity analysis of Chinese banking and world 844

Chapter Thirteen State of development in our country of foreign bank 861

Section One Constant expansion of the foreign bank 861

First, open process that the agreement stipulates that jions WTO 861

Second, main expansion means of the foreign capitals bank 862

Third, the experience of management of risk of foreign capitals bank is their security expanded 865

Section Two The capital permeation of the foreign bank 869

First, the foreign capitals bank participates in Bank of China by shares:Win-win pattern 869

Second, the capital advantage of the foreign capitals bank is their edge tolls which expand the market 873

Third, the foreign capitals bank utilizes the technological advantage to grab the customer 874

Section Three The compare of intermediate business between China and foreign-funded commercial bank 877

First, the policy orientation differs 877

Second, subjective attention degree is different 878

Third, the commercialized degree is with a wide gap 879

Fourth, management and administration disparity is great 879

Fifth, the relative superiority of technological means is obvious 880

Sixth, variety range greatlies differ from each other 881

Seventh, scale and income is different condition 882

Eighth, talent capacity is incomparable 882

Section Four Resisting the measure rationally of our government and commercial bank 883

First, kind to the policy treatment of foreign capitals bank in the world 883

Second, the tactics advice that our country imports foreign capital in the banking 885

Part Five Trend and countermeasure

Chapter Fourteen The development trend analysis of banking 888

Section One Development trend of the modern commercial bank 888

First, the latest monetary policy of Central Bank and the trend of 2005 888

Second, prospect of Chinese banking of 2005 891

Third, the financial product expands the aggravation of innovation 894

Fourth, revolutionary further development of financial network 895

Fifth, constant break-through of the banking almightinessization 896

Sixth, the speed of flow , the structure of flowing and the form of flowing of international capital have changed 897

Seventh, the merger among the banking grows in intensity 898

Eighth, the nine main trends of Chinese banking development 899

Section Two The finance holding 905

First, CITIC holding establishes 905

Second, history and current situation 906

Third, world trend 909

Fourth, countermeasure of China 913

Section Three Expand the capital market 916

First, rapid development impacts and challenges to the banking of our country of the capital market 917

Second, opportunity that the development of capital market brings to commercial bank 918

Third, the banking develops business of investment bank it is the trend of the times 921

Fourth, the advantage that the state-run commercial bank launches the business of investment bank 926

Fifth, thinking that the state-run commercial bank develop the the business of investment bank 928

Section Four Bank grouping 932

First, external experience can be drawn lessons from 932

Second, current situation of the development of the banking of our country 934

Third, strategic meaning in China's economic development of bank grouping 937

Section Five The bank's mergence 940

First, tide of merging of World Bank 940

Second, the bank of our country jointly merges 942

Third, the international banking merges tides to the enlightenment of bank of our country 945

Section Six Dualization development trend of the Chinese banking 951

First, financing current situation of state-owned enterprise 952

Second, enterprise run by the local people 957

Third, enterprise's financing state determines the dualization development trend of the bank 958

Fourth, dualization trend of the bank 959

Section Seven Electronic trend of the network 960

First, electronic process of foreign bank 961

Second, electronic construction of Bank of China 969

Section Eight The intermediate business will become the focus of the competition 970

First, the intermediate business of international bank accounts for banking proportion to improve 970

Second, traditional business space of Chinese banking will be fewer and fewer 971

Third, the intermediate business is business fields that the Chinese banking remains to develop , the profit space is very large 974

Chapter Fifteen The banking's brokenthrough management 977

Section One Brokenthrough strategy 977

First, strategic choice of regional development of urban commercial bank 977

Second, expand the capital market it is the strategic choice of the commercial bank 987

Section Two Brokenthrough management 999

First, new mode of bank management of ISO09000 999

Second, the reforger of banking procedure 1006

Third, risk managerial ability --Key ability of the commercial bank 1009

Fourth, customer relation's management 1018

Section Three Brokenthrough marketing 1028

First, credit marketing of the state-run commercial bank 1028

Second, current situation and countermeasure of commercial bank account marketing 1039

Third, marketing online business tactics and enlightenment of Bank of Montreal 1047

Chapter Sixteen Chance and countermeasure of banking's development 1054

Section One Management tactics analysis of the solely state-owned commercial bank 1054

First, the reorientation of state-run commercial bank 1054

Second, according to management inside the bank 1061

Third, according to market open-up respect 1074

Fourth, tactics that the state-run commercial bank should be market-based to the interest rate 1091

Section Two Management tactics analysis of commercial bank of the shareholding system 1099

First, set up modern company's administration structure, offer the system guarantee for sustainable development 1099

Second, set up the innovative mechanism of finance, offer motive force and source not exhausted for sustainable development 1102

Third, set up the developing platform of intermediate business, offer the business for sustainable development and expand the space 1104

Fourth, set up the modernized technological system with computerizing financial services at the core, offer technical support and technological guarantee for sustainable development 1108

Fifth, set up characteristic financial corporate culture, offer the ideological impetus and intelligence for sustainable development 1109

Section Three Management tactics analysis of urban commercial bank 1111

First, difference that the management tactics of urban commercial bank exist 1112

Second, the main management tactics that urban commercial bank tackles challenge 1114

Third, innovate and will just develop 1118

Fourth, really pay attention to talents 1119

Fifth, implement the company to unite 1120

Section Four Management tactics analysis of rural credit office 1121

First, innovate is a strong weapon of development 1121

Second, handle relation correctly of the support agriculture and fund safety 1124

Third, suit measures to local conditions, quicken the steps of setting up the regional rural commercial bank 1125


Chart:Analysis graph of currency movement index 2

Chart:the situation table of current currency 3

Chart:Analysis graph of financial organ service development 4

Chart:Analysis graph of money market index 8

Chart:the sorting table of Banking's middle service 18

Chart:every deposit of domestic financial institution's foreign exchange in January - March of 2005 31

Chart:RMB every loan of financial institution in January - February of 2005 32

Chart:Domestic and foreign currency every loan of financial institution in January - March of 2005 33

Chart:All kinds of profit indexes of commercial bank 47

Chart:Different expenses indexes of commercial bank 47

Chart:The time sequence tables of nointerest expenses expenditure (a hundred million yuan ) and rate of increase of commercial bank (% ) 49

Chart:The scale of average assets of commercial bank 55

Chart:Sketch map of non-performing loan rate of domestic bank 55

Chart:the statistical form of facilities of our country main commercial bank 57

Chart:The composing graph of main commercial share of bank agency in our country 59

Chart:The composing of main special share of trade company of commercial bank of our country 60

Chart:The composing of the main ATM machine share of commercial bank of our country 60

Chart:The composing of the main POS machine share of commercial bank of our country 60

Chart:Distribution table of four major state-run bank agencies of our country 61

Chart:Branch's distribution map of foreign capitals bank 64

Chart:Distribution map of representative office of foreign capitals bank 64

Chart:Source structure chart of deposit of our country 69

Chart:The loan balance of the top ten provinces and cities of financial institution of our country 73

Chart:The composing of newly-gained loan organization of our country 74

Chart:The survey graph of Bank of America-National Trust & Savings Association loses customer's probability 78

Chart:The contrast graph of main country hold card rate and our country hold card rate 92

Chart:Operating position sketch map of bank card of our country 92

Chart:Consumer's attitude toward network bank 120

Chart:The reason that the customer chooses the network bank 122

Chart:The customer uses the number of times of different services of network bank averagly per month 122

Chart:Reason why the customer opens an account in different banks 123

Chart:Reason why the customer " job-hops " 123

Chart:The reason that the customer does not use the network bank pays 123

Chart:Reason why the number of times of investor's investment increases that surf the Net 124

Chart:Users' purpose that use financial account and the general website of bill inquiry 125

Chart:Users' purpose that use the whole function financial service website 125

Chart:Every index rank in 1000 large banks in the world of every large Chinese commercial bank 141

Chart:International comparision of the non-performing loan rate of state-run bank 147

Chart:The money supply acceleration rate will obviously fall after rise in 2004 171

Chart:The sufficient rate of the domestic capital of listing bank and financing plan 173

Chart:The complexion table of in-poured capital and out-flown capital of financial institution 188

Chart:Monthly weighted average interest rate tendency picture of money market 189

Chart:The situation that Central Bank's repurchase trade in April of 2005 225

Chart:The situation that Central Bank will issue the note by way of invite public bidding in interest rate in April of 2005 226

Chart:Rate comparison sheet of the fund 362

Chart:The increase situation that the total share of the fund operate for more than one year 365

Chart:Increase pictures of Seven fund share rate from June 30 , 2004 to March 31 , 2005 366

Chart:Share growth rate and relation picture of the scale of fund 367

Chart:The distribution of fund share of money market at the end of April of 2005 367

Chart:The relation graph of the fund average return rate and the scale of fund from April to September of 2005 368

Chart:The structure chart of the investor of fund of money which operate for more than one year 369

Chart:Holder's amount of the fund of money market and holding share per family ( Seven funds are average) 370

Chart:The proportion of institutional investor's share and relation picture of the share of investment per family 370

Chart:The picture that Earning ratio change and average return 371

of seven funds 371

Chart:Three fund take earning ratio change situation picture every year will it be one over one year 371

Chart:Seven fund take earning ratio variance picture every year one 372

Chart:Index tendency of national debt of Shanghai Stock Exchange 374

Chart:Central Bank note issue interest rate tendency picture since July 2004 374

Chart:seven fund bond to net value ( %) 375

Chart:The relation of fund share of money market and fund bond to net value 376

Chart:The survey situatin table of the open-ended fund 378

Chart:Development of fund market of 1998-2004 year 386

Chart:The American consumptive credit takes the proportion of the pe

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