Boya Chinese - Advanced Hover Handbook 2

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Language: Chinese
Format: Papercover
Page: 199
Publication Date: 02/2010
ISBN: 9787301168868
Series: Boya Chinese
This book is the reference of the second volume of Boya Chinese advanced leve. Boya Chinese is the most influential and best quality textbooks we published for overseas students. Because the advanced level is a little difficult, we published corresponding reference books for the teachers and students.
Table of Contents
第一课 每天都冒一点险
第二课 那年那月那狗
第三课 人在风中
第四课 现代化和蜗牛
第五课 上天自有安排
第六课 球迷种种
第七课 面容
第八课 辛亥革命与我
第九课 无为·逍遥·不设防
第十课 音乐之伴
Boya Chinese - Advanced Hover Handbook 2