Zhejiang Science and Technology Statistical Yearbook 2011

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Language: Chinese
Page: 417
Publication Date: 12/2011
ISBN: 9787308094924
Publisher: Zhejiang University Press
Series: Zhejiang Science and Technology Statistical Yearbook
To reflect the status of scientific and technological advancement, Zhejiang, and regional innovation capability to meet the macro-management department of the science and technology development planning and adjustment needs of science and technology policy, the provincial Science and Technology Department, the provincial Bureau of Statistics in consultation with departments concerned, based on the co-editor of this science and technology statistics compiled information on the book.
This book has collected all kinds of scientific and technological activities, Zhejiang, etc. The input-output statistics, more comprehensive, systematic description of the Zhejiang region the size of science and technology activities, standards, layout, composition and development is the management of departments and the community to understand, research, and Analysis of Zhejiang Science and Technology Policy and science and technology activities of the essential information tool.
The book is divided into seven sections. The first part of the whole society of comprehensive statistical information on science and technology activities, mainly technological activities constitute the input, funding for scientific and technological activities constitute the input section of scientific and technological achievements and the award-winning production and technical market transactions, and other indicators of the Comprehensive, combined information; II, III, IV, V and partly followed by research and development institutions, industrial enterprises above designated size, large and medium industrial enterprises, universities and colleges of science and technology activities, statistics, mainly institutions in science and technology activities, personnel of science and technology activities to raise funds and expenditures, scientific and technological project (the subject) situation, results and intellectual property rights such as the output of the content of science and technology; sixth part of the development of the province's high-tech industry a comprehensive information; seventh section contains the national and sub-provinces (cities, districts ) and information technology-related statistical information. Appendix of this book and finally explained that the main indicators, easy to readers to understand the science and technology statistics, information, statistical definition of the scope and caliber of statistical methods.
Zhejiang Science and Technology Statistical Yearbook 2011