You and Me Workbook 1: Learning Chinese Overseas

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Usage Advice: 3-4 class hours for each of the 16 lessons (in 8 units)

Level: Beginner

You and Me is a new-type Chinese crash course book targeted at Confucius Institutes in Europe and the US, catering to the need of international Chinese education. It is suitable for adults with no experience of learning Chinese. It is the result of one of the major projects of BLCU's Research Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. 
The book is divided into two volumes, respectively corresponding to Levels 1-2 in Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages issued by Hanban. Set in a Confucius Institute overseas, Volume 1 “Learning Chinese Overseas” passes on and shows to students such themes and contents as everyday Chinese conversation, personal information, daily life, work, study, and career planning. In Volume 2 “Learning Chinese in China”, the main characters are taking short-term courses in the College of Chinese Studies in a Chinese university, and the themes and contents, including life services, human and environment, feelings and plans, etc., are displayed through what they see, hear and feel in China. With 8 units in each volume and 2 lessons in each unit, the two volumes have 32 lessons in total. Each volume of textbook is supported by a workbook and a teacher’s book. All the directions and explanations in the textbook are written in English, illustrated by plenty drawings and images. An MP3 CD comes with the textbook.
This is the workbook supporting Textbook 1. 
In the workbook, each lesson is composed of four parts—“Chinese-English Language Interaction”, Speech Sounds and Chinese Characters/Chinese Characters and Words”, “Grammar and Communication” and “Writing of Chinese Characters”, each part containing more than two types of exercises, mainly for reinforcement and communication. A model test is provided after every two units.

About the Author
Han Yuguo, PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, is an associate professor in the College of Intensive Chinese Training of BLCU, and a researcher in BLCU’s Research Center for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Mr. Han’s research focuses on the interface between syntax and semantics in modern Chinese, and the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.
Table of Contents
Unit 1 发现汉语Explore Chinese 
Chapter 1 你好,中国!Hello, China! 
Chapter 2 老师,您好!Hello,Pmfessor! 
Unit 2 家人和朋友Family and Friends 
Chapter 3 你忙吗?Are You Busy? 
Chapter 4 她男朋友很帅!Her Boyfriend Is Handsome! 
HSK Exercises of Units 1&2 
Unit 3 姓名和国籍Name and Nationality 
Chapter 5 您贵姓?What’s Your (Honorable) Family Name? 
Chapter 6 你是哪国人?What’s Your Nationality? 
Unit 4 年龄与外貌Age and Appearance 
Chapter 7 你是哪儿人?Where Are You From? 
Chapter 8 她眼睛很大She Has Big Eyes 
HSK Exercises of Units 3&4 
Unit 5 谈学习Talking about Study 
Chapter 9 你有汉语词典吗?Do You Have a Chinese Dictionary? 
Chapter 10 你学习忙吗?Are You Busy with Your Study? 
Unit 6 工作与职业Job and Career 
Chapter 11 你想做什么工作?What Job Do You Want to Do? 
Chapter 12 我骑自行车上班I Go to Work by Bike 
HSK Exercises of Units 5&6 
Unit 7 时间和日期Time and Date 
Chapter 13 纽约现在几点?What Time Is It in New York? 
Chapter 14 祝你生日快乐!Happy Birthday to You! 
Unit 8 钱币与购物Curren cy and Shopping 
Chapter 15 打几折?How Much Discount Do You Offer? 
Chapter 16 你要大的还是小的?Do You want the Big Ones or the Small Ones 
HSK Exercises of Units 7&8 
Appendix: Key to the HSK Exercises
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You and Me Workbook 1: Learning Chinese Overseas