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Experimental College Physics
ISBN: 9787560642901 | Published on 11/2016

Optical Sensing and Measurement
ISBN: 9787560645650 | Published on 12/2017

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
ISBN: 9787560648705 | Published on 04/2018

Theoretical Mechanics
ISBN: 9787560645117 | Published on 12/2017

Elements of Probability and Statistics
ISBN: 9787560654492 | Published on 06/2019
Since 2012, authors of this book have been engaged in teaching of probability and statistics for international exchange students. These students are...

Virtual Simulation Experiment of Communication Circuit
ISBN: 9787560662572 | Published on 05/2022

Discrete Mathematics
ISBN: 9787560669090 | Published on 08/2023
The book is mainly aimed at the bilingual curriculum design of discrete mathematics.It can meet the needs of the types of an introduction to the...

C & C++ Programming
ISBN: 9787560664118 | Published on 04/2022
C&C++ Programming, provides a traditional introduction to program development and effective use of C and C++ programming language. The content of...

High Performance Enterprises Management
ISBN: 9787560632612 | Published on 01/2014
This book makes in-depth and refined analysis on the basic elements of modern enterprises' operation (Vision, Mission, Shared Value, Goals,...

C Programming Tutorial For Beginners
ISBN: 9787560639307 | Published on 01/2016

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