We Speak Chinese Textbook Intermediate 2

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This series of interactive learning materials is a set of suitable for overseas high school students of Chinese teaching materials.Is currently the most popular of communicative language teaching method as the theoretical basis for design.It is divided into several sections:Abbreviations of Parts of Speech, several lessons, Scenarios Text in Traditional Chinese Characters and Vocabulary Glossary.
Table of Contents
目 录 


Abbreviations of Parts of Speech 

第一课 中国真美…1 
Lesson 1 China is Beautiful 

第二课 中秋佳节愉快…16 
Lesson 2 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 

第三课 搬家…28 
Lesson 3 Moving House 

第四课 包饺子…42 
Lesson 4 Wrapping Dumplings 

第五课 我的宠物…56 
Lesson 5 My Pet 

第六课 救命啊!…69 
Lesson 6 Help! 

第七课 你在网上做什么?…84 
Lesson 7 What Are You Doing Online? 

第八课 中国菜…97 
Lesson 8 Chinese Food 

第九课 端午节…111 
Lesson 9 Duanwu Festival 

第十课 十二生肖…124 
Lesson 10 The Twelve Chinese Zodiac Signs 

Scenarios Text in Traditional Chinese Characters 

Vocabulary Glossary 
We Speak Chinese Textbook Intermediate 2