(上)2.2 迎接保罗

IDuidChineseTrad.PinyinPinyin With numbersDefinitionImage
1720922流利流利 liú liu2 li4fluent 0
2720923多大多大 duō duo1 da4how old? 0
3720924 lele5a modal particle used at the end of a sentence to indicate a change of situation or state, whether actual or envisaged 0
4720925长得長得 zhǎng dezhang3 de5look (of one's appearance) 0
5720926 yàngyang4appearance; look 0
6720927照片照片 zhào piànzhao4 pian4photograph; picture 0
7720928 gěigei3give 0
8720929自己自己 zi4 ji3oneself 0
9720930 kànkan4look; watch 0
10720931个子個子 zige4 zi5height; stature 0
11720932 zhēnzhen1really; truly 0
12720933 gāogao1high; tall 0
13720934 xiàngxiang4be like 0
14720935 duìdui4team 0
15720936一下一下 xiàyi2 xia4used after a verb to indicate the action is done briefly or casually for a short while 0
16720937 ènen4m-hm; uh-huh (expressing agreement or assent) 0
17720938听说聽說 tīng shuōting1 shuo1hear of; it is said 0
18720939喜欢喜歡 huanxi3 huan5like; be fond of 0
19720940 ti1kick; play (e.g. soccer) 0
20720941足球足球 qiúzu2 qiu2soccer; football 0
21720942 na4that 0
22720943 jiùjiu4just (emphasis) 0
23720944女儿女兒 érnu:3 er2daughter 0
24720945欢迎歡迎 huān yínghuan1 ying2welcome 0
25720946 láilai2come; arrive 0
26720947球星球星 qiú xīngqiu2 xing1sports star (this specifically refers to sports that use some kind of ball) 0
27720948几岁几岁 suìji3 sui4How old are you? (used when asking a child who is younger than 10) 0
28720949年纪年紀 nián nian2 ji4age 0
291548152张小美 zhāng xiǎo měizhang1 xiao3 mei3Zhang Xiaomei (Mr Zhang's daughter) 0
301548153巴西 ba1 xi1Brazil 0
311548154内马尔 nèi ěrnei4 ma3 er3Neymar (Brazilian football player) 0