Meaning of 年纪

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(Trad.: 年紀)
age; Classifiers:

Related Words

Synonym: 年龄 岁数 年岁 年事

Example Sentences

  • 喜欢年纪点儿这个这个
    I like the older one.This one.
  • 年纪所以眼睛有点儿
    He is old so his vision is dim.
  • 了解自己顾客顾客哪些哪里从事什么职业年纪
    Know who your customer is. Who is she? Where does she live? What does she do? How old is she?
  • 女儿他们这个年纪比较成熟而且电脑起居室另外可以要求好友
    She’s mature for her age and our computer is in the living room and I could require her to be ‘friends’ with me.
  • 妇人年纪
    The old lady said she was lamed by age.