Understanding China's System: The Worthy and The Able: Recruitment and Appointment in the Chinese System

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Author: Nie Feilin; Tian Fulai;
Language: English
Page: 237
Publication Date: 05/2022
ISBN: 9787119130378
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Series: Understanding China's System
Table of Contents
Publisher's Notes
Chapter One The Importance of Employing the Worthy
The Safety of the Kingdom: A State with Wise Ministers Needs Not Fear Invasion
The Success of the Ruler: Employing the Worthy and Penitent Despite Their Past Offenses
The Ruler's Glory and Disgrace: Woe to the Ruler Who Heeds Not Worthy Ministers and Favors Flatterers
Must a Good Leader Be Overworked? Zijian and His Worthy Officials Govern Shanfu
Order Among the People: Educating the People Through Virtue, Not Punishment, Yields a Good Omen in Zhongmu
Chapter Two Standards of Worthiness
Worthy Leaders: Yao Searches for a Noble Successor; Shun Wins Widespread Support with Virtue
Filial Piety and Incorruption: Filial Wu Yinzhi Unmoved by the Spring of Greed
Forthright Remonstration: An Official Who Fails to Admonish Constructively Is Worthless
Chapter Three Selecting the Worthy
Observing the Worthy: Five Aspects to Determine the Candidates' Worth for Prime Minister
Recommending the Worthy: Recommend Both Personal Enemies and Family Members Who Qualify
Meritocracy: The Rise of Jin
Chaju: Lavishly Awarding the Recommendation of Virtuous Men and Punishing in Public the Ignorance of Talents
Imperial Examination: Swot for the Highest Degree to Live Worry-free
Chapter Four Recruitment on Merit
Differentiating the Talented and Virtuous: Lis-tening to His Words, Observing His Deeds, and Simultaneously Examining His Conducts
Respecting for the Talented and Virtuous: Pausing Three Times in a Single Hair Wash and in a Single Meal
Employing the Talented and Virtuous: Luan Wuzi Follows Benevolence Rather Than the Crowd
Keeping Far from the Crafty and Fawning: Failure to Remove Unworthy Men Results in Destruction
Rewarding the Talented and Virtuous: Concerted Effort Brings a Golden Age
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Understanding China's System: The Worthy and The Able: Recruitment and Appointment in the Chinese System