Travels of Marco Polo

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CHAPTER4 How the Two Brothers Returnedto the Great Khan andTookMarco with Them
In the meantime the election of a Pope was retarded by so many obstacles, that theyremained two years in Venice, continually expecting its accomplishment; when at length,becoming apprehensive that the Great Khan might be displeased at their delay, or mightsuppose it was not their intention to revisit his country, they judged it expedient to returnto Acre, and on this occasion they took with them young Marco Polo. Under the sanction of the legate they made a visit to Jerusalem, and there provided themselves with some of the oil belonging to the lamp of the holy sepulcher, conformably to the directions of the Great Khan. As soon as they were furnished with his letters addressed to that prince bearing testimony to the fidelity with which they had endeavored to execute his commission, and explaining to tin that the Pope of the Christian church had not as yet been chosen, they proceeded to the before-mentioned port of Laiassus.
Scarcely however had they taken their departure, when the legate received messengers from Italy, dispatched by the College of Cardinals, announcing his own elevation to the papal chair; and he thereupon assumed the name of Gregory the Tenth. Considering that he was now in a situation that enabled him fully to satisfy the wishes of the Tartar.
第4章 波罗兄弟俩携马可回到大汗朝廷
Travels of Marco Polo