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Map of the People's Republic of China (2018 version)
ISBN: 711407705X, 9787114077050 | Publisher: China Communications Press | Published on 01/2018
It compiles clear administrative division and the newest national expressway net, river cruise and main harbor. All the provincial locations are...

Through Wuzhen to China: an Englishman's Journey
ISBN: 9787308174381 | Publisher: Zhejiang University Press | Published on 12/2017 | Reviews:
This book introduces the long history, rich culture and the development of modern and contemporary art in Wuzhen, and its nearly twenty years of...

Das Chinesische Kunsthandwerk
ISBN: 9787508515762 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 07/2009

Beijing Walks: Like a Flying Feather Through the Hutongs
ISBN: 7119078569,9787119078564 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 09/2012

China's Famous Scenic Landscapes
ISBN: 9787533745196,7533745191 | Publisher: Anhui Science and Technology Publishing House | Published on 01/2010

Shanghai Maps of Sightseeing and Entertainment Sites
ISBN: 9787532256709 | Publisher: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House | Published on 07/2008
Welcome to Shanghai!   This is a convenient handbook to keep you company along your fascinating tour in Shanghai.   You can find all the fundamental...

Joyaux Du Patrimoine Mondial En Chine
ISBN: 9787508532035 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 04/2016

Atlas of China (Chinese, English)
ISBN: 9787503150562 | Publisher: Sinomap Press | Published on 05/2012
... more info

Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing: Guide to The Jingshan
ISBN: 9787503150128 | Publisher: Sinomap Press | Published on 12/2008 | Series: Painter's Tourist Map of Beijing
Jingshan Hill, the highest-ranking palatial garden in China, is the important component of the imperial palace of Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty and it...

Kaiping Building and Villages
ISBN: 9787112081608 | Publisher: China Construction Industry Press | Published on 08/2008
Kaiping Diaolou has been registered as world culture heritage. This book begins with the brief introduction of its culture and landscape value. The...

No matter where you’re heading to, here you can find well organized travel books providing helpful and insightful information to help you explore the oldest civilization, show you the other sides of modern cities like Beijing, Shanghai, water towns and scenic splendors.