Tongue Diagnostics

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Language: English
Page: 650
Publication Date: 03/2011
ISBN: 9787507737363
Publisher: Academy Press
"Tongue diagnostics" (Writer Zhangdapen、Wkuangquan、Zhuyuzhen)has shown more than 577 figures of the tongue diagnostics, more than 720 computer analysis figures of the tongue diagnostics and more than 50 othel related illustrations.
Table of Contents
A brief history of tongue diagnosis in China
Chapter 1 Anatomy and physiology of tongue
1.1 Generation and development of tongue
1.2 Anatomy of tongue ;
1.2.1 Mucous layer of tongue
1.2.2 Papillae of tongue
1.2.3 Taste buds of tongue
1.2.4 Muscles of tongue
1.2.5 Lingual nerves
1.2.6 Blood vessels of tongue
1.2.7 Lymph-vessels of tongue
1.2.8 Salivary glands of tongue
1.3 Physiology of tongue
1.4 Relationship between the tongue and the viscera and bowels and the channels and collaterals

Chapter 2 Sense ofinspecting tongue manifestations
2.1 Expression ofthe congenital inherited information and biological characteristics
2.2 Clinical differentiation ofsyndromes and treatment for diseases
2.3 Guide to clinical medication
2.4 Diagnosis ofthe category,change,prognosis and prevention ofdisease

Chapter 3 Methods for inspecting tongue and points for attention
3.1 Basic methods and points for attention
3.1.1 Basic methods for inspecting tongue
3.1.2 Pay attention to inspecting all kinds of pathological changes of tongue
3.1.3 Don’t forget to inquire the taste of sense
3.1.4 Li。ght beam is the key problem in the inspection of the tongue manifestations
3.1.5 Judge whether the tongue disease is congenital or manifestation of special
tongue diseases
3.2 Other points for attention
3.2.1 The food and drink factors
3.2.2 The medicine factor
3.2.3 Pay attention to season and environment
3.2.4 Pay attention to physiological situation

Chapter 4 Inspection oftongue manifestations
4.1 Normal tongue manifestations
4.2 Biological characteristics oftongue
4.2.1 Biological characteristics oflingual shape
4.2.2 Biological characteristics oftongue’S texture
4.3 Pathological tongue manifestations
4.3.1 Pathological lingual shapes
4.3.2 Pathological lingual contour
4.3.3 Movement ofpathological tongue
4.3.4 Color ofpathological tongue
4.3.5 Pathological fur oftongue
4.3.6 Pathological vessels and changing parts oftongue

Chapter 5 Tongue manifestations ofcommon TCM syndromes
5.1 Tongue manifestations ofthe eight-principles syndromes
5.1.1 Tongue manifestations of external syndrome
5.1.2 Tongue manifestations ofinternal syndrome
5.1.3 Tongue manifestations ofcold syndrome
5.1.4 Tongue manifestations ofheat syndrome
5.1.5 Tongue manifestations ofdeficiency syndrome
5.1.6 Tongue manifestations ofexcessive syndrome
5.1.7 Tongue manifestations ofyin syndrome
5.1.8 Tongue manifestations ofyang syndrome
5.2 Tongue manifestations ofyin andyang syndromes
5.2.1 Tongue manifestations ofyin deficiency syndrome
5.2.2 Tongue manifestations ofyang deficiency syndrome
5.2.3 Tongue manifestations for the syndrome of flaming up of fire due to y/n deficiency
5.2.4 Tongue manifestations for the syndrome of retention of fluid due to yangdeficiency
5.3 Tongue manifestations for the syndromes ofqi,blood,fluid
5.3.1 Tongue manifestations ofqi deficiency syndrome

Chapter 6 Tongue manifestations of common diseases
Chapter 7 Glossopathy related with tongue manifestations
Chapter 8 A brief introduction to objective research methods of tongue diagnosis andthe significance of application
Chapter 9 Research on the tongue diagnosis.
References on the Tongue Diagnostics
References on the tongue diagnosis from 1990 to 2003
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