Things Chinese

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Author: Du Feibao; Li Lianpei; Ling Yuan;
Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 324
Publication Date: 07/2008
ISBN: 9787503235009
Publisher: China Tourism Press
Entering the new century the china travel&tourism press decided to do a revised edition with more illustrations to give the book an entirely new look,taking this opportunity we introduced 70 more chinese cultural things in this book,so baundant is the chinese culture and folklore that a single book like this can hardly cover both the width and depth of it ,given more oppoortunities we will continue writing about it so as to do our humble bit for the dissemination of the chinaese culture

About Author
DU FEIBAO WAS BORN IN SHANGHAI IN 1941.he was assignes to work in the national tourism adminstration of china upon graduation from the french department of the shanghai institute of foreign lunguages in 1964,he is now engaged in the study of chinese tourinm and culture.
DU BAI born in beijing in 1973 graduated from the english department of beijing's north china university of technology in 1996,she is now engages in the international trade in nonferrous metals
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