The Voice of “Reality” - A Study on CSL Teachers’ Classroom Communication

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This book makes a substantial study from the perspective of “reality” on CSL teachers’ classroom communicative activities. Abundant interviews, surveys, and examples collected from lectures are adopted and combined with theories to analyze and summarize the teachers’ classroom communicative activities in a comprehensive and systematic way. The first chapter is an overview of studies on CSL teachers in classroom, including the significance of the research, relevant issues and unique approaches. The second chapter makes a comprehensive analysis of the theories of communication studies. The third, fourth and fifth chapters analyze and study teachers’ classroom communicative activities from three aspects respectively—verbal communication, non-verbal communication and intercultural communication. The sixth chapter is a summary of the whole book, based on which some strategic suggestions are given to provide a theoretical basis for teachers to apply communicative behavior in the practice of teaching, helping teachers reflect on their past communicative experience and improve their way of classroom communication.

About the Author
Wang Tianmiao, Ph.D., is an associate professor in the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University, and a tutor of postgraduate students, whose research focuses on teacher development, CSL pedagogy and intercultural communication. Ms. Wang has managed a great many national and university research projects. She has published one academic book and six CSL textbooks apart from more than 30 papers in academic journals such as Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies, Applied Linguistics, Chinese Language Learning, Chinese Culture Research, Theory and Practice of Education, and Studies in Foreign Education.

The Voice of “Reality” - A Study on CSL Teachers’ Classroom Communication