The Series of 100 Gems of Chinese Architecture: Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning

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Language: English
Publication Date: 01/2016
ISBN: 9787112185924
Publisher: China Construction Industry Press
Series: The Series of 100 Gems of Chinese Architecture
Table of Contents
1 Architectural Concept
Feng Shui and Architecture
Rites and Architecture
Symbolism and Architecture
Dragon Culture and Architecture

2 Architectural Element
Gates and Doors
Ridge Ornaments
Traditional Chinese Furniture
Glazed Tiles on Buildings
Baofu Colored Patterns in Southern China

3 Imperial Architecture
Palace Museum in Beijing
Imperial Palace of the Qjng Dynasty in Shenyang

4 Ritual Architecture
The Temple of Heaven in Beijing
Dai Temple of Mount Tai
Beizhen Temple at Mount Lv
Temple of Lord Guan in Dongshan
The Confucian Temple
Longmu Ancestral Temple
Temple of Lord Guan in Xiezhou
Temple of the South Sea God in Guangzhou
Huizhou's Ancestral Temples

5 Religious Architecture
Buddhist Temples at Mount Putuo
Three Major Taoist Temples at Jiangling
Wudang Taoist Palaces and Abbeys
The Temples of Mount Jiuhua
Tianlongshan Grottoes
Yungang Grottoes
Temple of Tibetan Buddhism in Tongren of Qinghai
qhe Eight Outlying Temples of Chengde
Old Chongfu Temple in Shuozhou
Datong Huayan Temple
Buddhist Temples in Jinyang
North Alp Mount Hengshan and Xuankong Temple
Jinci Temple in Taiyuan
Buddhist Temples and Pagodas of Dai People in Yunnan Province
Buddhist Pagodas and Tasba
Outan Temple in Qinghai Province
Buddhist and Taoist Temples in Qianshan
Tibetan Buddhist Dagobas and Architectural Decoration
Kaiyuan Temple in Quanzhou
Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple
Foguang Temple of Mount Wutai
Xiantong Temple of Mount Wutai

6 Ancient Cities and Towns
Ancient Chinese Cities
Ganzhou: City of Song Heritage
Ancient City of Pingyao
Ancient City of Fenghuang
Ancient City of Changshu
Ancient City of Ouanzhou
Architecture of Yuezhong
Penglai Water City
Castles to Fight Against Foreign Pirates of the Ming Dynasty
Zhaojia Casde
Gulangyu Islet
Nianbadu - Ancient Town of Southwestern Zhejiang

7 Ancient Villages
Xinye Village in Zhejiang Province
Buildings in Dong Villages
Vernacular Villages in Huizhou
DangjiaVillage in Hancheng
TangmoVillage - Village of Waterside Street
Donghuali Walking Street in Foshan
A Military Village - Zhangbi Village
Luoshni Village - Realm of Matriarchy on the Shore ofLu Lake

8 Folk Architecture
Quadrangles in Beijing
Folk Architecture in Suzhou
Vernacular Dwellings of Yixian County
Weiwu House in South Jiangxi
Folk Architecture of the Bai People in Dali
Naxi Civilian Residences in Lijiang
The Shikumen Dwellings
Folk Architecture in Kashgar
Most Elaborate Structure of Fujian Tulou - Eryi Lou in Hua'an

9 Burial Structures
The Ming Tombs
Eastern Tombs of the Qjng Dynasty
Three Tombs of the Qing Dynasty Outside the Shanhai Pass

10 Gardens
Imperial Gardens
Cbengde Mountain Resort
Scholars' Gardens
Gardens in Lingnan Area
Gardening and Rockeries
Master of the Nets Garden
Mo's Manor in Pinghu

11 Academy of Classical Learning and Guildhalls
The Architecture of Classical Colleges
Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning
Three Major Academies of Classical Learning in Jiangxi
The Chen Clan Academy
Xiling Society of Seal Arts
The Architecture of Guildhalls

12 others
Towers and Pavilions
Ancient Pagodas in Anhui
The Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County
Chinese Pavilions
Bridges in Fujian
Stone Bridges in Shaoxing
Memorial Archways
The Series of 100 Gems of Chinese Architecture: Yuelu Academy of Classical Learning