The Peony Pavilion

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Author: Teng Jianmin; Gu Shunguang;
Page: 102
Publication Date: 01/2012
ISBN: 9787508521619
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
Series: Chinese Classics
The Peony pavilion is one of Tang's "Four Dreams" and has traditionally been performed as a Kun opera. The opera tells a romantic love story of Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, with its focuses on love, beauty, relationship, and marriage.This passionate story has always been considered a Chinese nalional treasure, and continues to resonate with audience everywhere, even in this modern day and age. This book, with plain words, intends to help foreign readers understand the story and appreciate classic Chinese opera.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ
Chapter Ⅱ
Chapter Ⅲ
Chapter Ⅳ
Chapter Ⅴ
Chapter Ⅵ
Chapter Ⅶ
Chapter Ⅷ
Chapter Ⅸ
Chapter Ⅹ
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Sample pages of The Peony Pavilion (ISBN:9787508521619)
Sample pages of The Peony Pavilion (ISBN:9787508521619)
Sample pages of The Peony Pavilion (ISBN:9787508521619)
The Peony Pavilion