The Palace of Eternal Youth

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The Palace of Eternal Youth is one of the most important classic repertory pieces of Knn Opera. It's about the tragic love sloty of Tahng Emperor Li Longji and his imperial concubine Yang Yuhuan one of the most inspiring beauties in Chinese history. Their legend conveys the universal value that true love will transcend the boundaries of time and overcome all diMculuies. This book with plain words; intends to help foreign readers understand the story and appreeiate classic Chinese opera.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ
Chapter Ⅱ
Chapter Ⅲ
Chapter Ⅳ
Chapter Ⅴ
Chapter Ⅵ
Chapter Ⅶ
Chapter Ⅷ
Chapter Ⅸ
Chapter Ⅹ
Chapter Ⅺ
Chapter Ⅻ
Chapter ⅩIII
Chapter ⅩIV
Chapter ⅩV
The Palace of Eternal Youth