The Lang Way to Success Stories of Pianist Lang Lang and His Tiger Father

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Table of Contents
1. Leave Hometown 
Yesterday Once More 
2. Pursue Study in Beijing 
Early Days in Beijing 
3. Father's Bet 
Admitted to Music School 
Enlightening Corridor 
Bet Bottom Dollar 
4. Tears in Ettlingen 
Fly to Germany 
Wish for Good Luck 
Landlady Nemaia 
Fears of Joy 
Pingguo Zhao 
4. Special Citizen & Growth Traps 
Special Citizen 
Growth Traps 
5. Shine in Sendai 
New Opportunity 
Sendal Trip 
The National Flag 
Praises from Judges 
6. Disagreements Surface 
Learn from Chengzong Yin 
Quit Chinese Conservatory 
Prepare for Curtis Exam 
7. Parents' Love Story 
Serious Illness 
Traditional Marriage 
Quarrel on the Train 
8. Brilliant in the U.S 
Is It a Dream? 
Good News 
Sign with IMG Artists 
Brilliant in the United States 
9. Sonata 
End-Century Chronicles 
Follow in the Steps of Maestros 
Sample Pages Preview
Shenyang, northeast Cbina's Liaoning Province. He outpaced cbildren learning the piano half a year or a year earlier, and was poised to surpass all the peribrmers ahead of him. With the spirit of never giving up, he easily won the championship of the first children's piano competition in Shenyang city. 
Guoren, a then special police oft]cer, was well-contented. Colleagues whose child studied piano admired bim, while his boss Shiteng Ma also provided great support. The boss gave him great work autonomy so that he could arrange Lang Lang's piano courses. The father was often dispatched to maintain orders for local concerts,w'here he could take his son together for study.
A good teacher is the key to success. Prof.Yafen Zhu, Lang Lang's first piano tutor, helped lind a substitute in Beijing with her connections.The Beijing class was scheduled to begin in a week,but the father's job transfer application was not yet approved. All the annoying things emerged in just a few days, adding psychological pressure on him. 
He finally decided to quit his job, citing of his son's piano study as the reason. But the resignation letter must be written tactfully. The repeated weighing and examinations took lots of time and energy.
The Lang Way to Success Stories of Pianist Lang Lang and His Tiger Father