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Common Use Character Dictionary of Ancient Chinese (5th edition)
ISBN: 9787100119160, 7100119162 | Published on 04/2006
荣获首届中国辞书奖一等奖,学习古汉语必备工具书 北京大学蒋绍愚教授主持修订 中学生、语文教师、大学中文系学生必备工具书 曾荣获首届中国辞书奖一等奖,迄今发行量超过千万册 本次修订内容主要包括: 1. 增加了一些常用的义项。 2. 完善了释义,释义更精准、易于理解。 3....

The World of Chinese 2022 Issue 2
ISBN: 8HYSJ068 | Published on 04/2022 | Series: The World of Chinese

Dictionary of General and Standard Chinese Characters
ISBN: 9787100059619 | Published on 05/2008

ISBN: 7801031040 | Published on 07/1997 | Series: A NEW CHINESE COURSE BOOK
A workbook with exercises for ""A New Chinese Course Book 1"".

Business Chinese 800 (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 7100076439,9787100076432 | Published on 07/2012
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Chinese in 10 Days Advanced Level 4
ISBN: 9787100067218 | Published on 01/2010 | Series: Chinese in 10 Days
先听后说,兼顾读写,主次分明,循序渐进 Listening first,then speaking,with due considerations to reading and writing 话题由浅入深,循环复现;句子可替换l生强,易于举一反三 Topics going from...

Chinese in 10 Days: 1 Begining Level
ISBN: 9787100057394 | Published on 09/2008 | Series: Chinese in 10 Days

Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 2 (with CD)
ISBN: 9787100067744 | Published on 10/2009 | Series: Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus | Reviews:

Common Use Character Dictionary of Ancient Chinese (fourth edition)
ISBN: 7100042852 | Published on 07/2005
5th edition available 本书主要收古汉语常用字,兼收难字、双音词,共计近万条。释义权威,审音准确,例句精当,难懂例句附有注解和串讲。本书专设“注意”、“辨析”内容,对疑难字词加以提示和辨析。...

Official Examination Papers of HSK Speaking (2012)
ISBN: 9787100089043 | Published on 03/2012
2014 edition available on
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CP has an annual output of about 800 titles, with about 350 new titles and 450 reprinted titles. Meanwhile, it publishes 2 periodicals - The World of English and The World of Chinese, 20 academic journals including Chinese Language and Dialect, as well as some audio-visual products. Recent surveys show that dictionaries in Chinese and foreign languages published by CP have been occupying a dominantly leading place in the book market of China. In 2005, its total price of publications was 540 million RMB yuan and its profit was more than 50 million RMB yuan, ranking among the top publishing institutions in China.
The Commercial Press now has developed into a well-renowned publishing institution with its own distinctive style, renewing its unique place in China's history of publishing, and its commitment to cultural development of China.
Now an affiliate of the newly-established China Publishing Group, the Commercial Press stands ready to embrace opportunities and challenges in the upcoming reform of the cultural system and the publishing system.