Temple Fairs In China (English)

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During the fourth month of every Chinese lunar year, there was a custom in Beijing to pay respects to the Taoist Goddess of Morning Glow at a temple dedicated to her. It is said that she was the daughter of the God of Mount Tai, who had the power to make plants grow and protect living things, Her cult dates from the 10th century. There are many temples dedicated to the worship of this goddess in beijing, including the temples known as the Golden Peak, East Peak, West Peak, South Peak and North Peak. The Gokden Peak is on Mount Miaofeng in the western suburbs of Beijing, and the other four temples are located at Dongzhimen, Xizhimen, Yongdingmen and Andingmen, respectively. The picture shows the prosperousmarket at the West Peak Temple Fair in the 19th century.
Contents: The Story of Temple Fairs, Temple Fairs in Beijing, Visiting Temple Fairs -- Rewarding the Gods and Sharing a Happy Moment, Temple Fair Markets.
Temple Fairs In China (English)