System Engineering for Aviation

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to aviation system engineering
1.1 Concepts and characteristics of aviation system engineering
1.2 Investigation objects of system engineering
1.2.1 The characteristics of a system
1.2.2 Characteristics of large-scaled complex system
1.2.3 Classification of system engineering
1.2.4 Definitions of system engineering
1.3 Application fields of system engineering
1.3.1 The development of modern system engineering
1.3.2 The application fields of system engineering
1.4 Methodology of system engineering
1.4.1 System engineering -- theoretical basis of management
1.4.2 Thinking philosophy of integrated project management
1.5 Aviation system engineering design framework
1.5.1 Main stakeholders' expectation
1.5.2 DifFerent requirements of civil airplane
1.5.3 System design for civil airplane
1.5.4 Functional flow block diagram
1.6 System engineering versus project management
Concluding remarks
Chapter 2 The model of system engineering
2.1 Introduction to system model
2.1.1 System model and system model
2.1.2 The model of system behavior
2.1.3 Classification of model
2.1.4 How to build a system model
2.2 Fundamental theory of system model
2.2.1 Hall model of methodology
2.2.2 Checkland model
2.2.3 Processes for analysis and evaluation of a system
2.3 The examples of system engineering model
2.3.1 Management of enterprises under knowledge economy
2.3.2 Systematization and innovation transportation project
2.4 The system model of an airplane product
2.4.1 System engineering and configuration management of civil airplane
2.4.2 Configuration management for civil airplane
2.4.3 Development of PBS for civil airplane
Concluding remarks
Chapter 3 Decision management in system engineering
3.1 System analysis as the prerequisite of system decision making
3.2 Methods of system decision
Chapter 4 System engineering evaluation
Chapter 5 System strategic studies and management
Chapter 6 Case study: requirements development using SE methodologies
Chapter 7 Case study: application of SE to BDS-2
Chapter 8 SE and aerospace supply chain
Conclusive remarks
System Engineering for Aviation