Sun Jiadong: Life of an Aerospace Scientist

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Language: English
Page: 228
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508542768
Table of Contents
Preface ------1 
Chapter 1 
A Burning Passion for Aerospace past the Ripe Age of 70 
Chapter 2 
A Brilliant Young Man with Soaring Ambitions and Unrelenting Determination 
Chapter 3 
Approaching His Ideal: Preparation Meets Opportunity 
Chapter 4 
Pursuit of Further Study in Moscow with High Expectations 
Chapter 5 
Hard Work Pays Off 
Chapter 6 
“The World Is Yours ... China’s Future Belongs to You” 
Chapter 7 
Golden Medal after Long Years Studying Abroad 
Chapter 8 
Transition into Missile Research in Response to the Call of the Motherland 
Chapter 9 
An Early Pioneer in Aerospace and Student of Qian Xuesen 
Chapter 10 
From Imitation to Independent Development and Innovation 
Chapter 11 
Missile Flying into Space from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center 
Chapter 12 
Failure Leading to Success on the Uneven Journey of Scientific Experiments 
Chapter 13 
Scaling New Heights in Research on Satellites 
Chapter 14 
Development of China’s First Satellite from Scratch 
Chapter 15 
Being Outspoken Despite Potential Political Perils 
Chapter 16 
Successful Launch of the “Dongfanghong-1” Satellite into Space 
Chapter 17 
Miraculous “Shijian-1” Transmitting Remote Sensing Information to the Ground 
Chapter 18 
Taking the Liberty to Halt a Potentially Risky Rocket Launch 
Chapter 19 
Applied Satellites Orbiting the Earth while Contributing to Economic Development 
Chapter 20 
Communication Satellites Helping Connect Distant Points on Earth 
Chapter 21 
Making Every Eff ort to Adapt to Changing Situations 
Chapter 22 
Chinese Satellites in Space Benefi ting People on Earth 
Chapter 23 
Success Stories of Chinese Rockets Spreading Far and Wide 
Chapter 24 
Sino-US Negotiations on Satellite Launch Cooperation 
Chapter 25 
Chinese People All Over the World Thrilled by Successful Launch of Long March Rocket 
Chapter 26 
Deep Space Exploration Initiated with Substantial Preparation 
Chapter 27 
Three-phase Chang’e Mission Takes Chinese Aerospace Industry to New Heights 
Chapter 28 
China’s Successful Landing of Chang’e-1 on the Moon Hailed Worldwide 
Chapter 29 
Painstaking Eff orts on a Long Journey to the Moon 
Chapter 30 
New Satellite in Space Off ering Services 
Chapter 31 
Nerve-racking Satellite Launch on a Stormy Spring Night 
Chapter 32 
Accurate Ground Navigation Services Guided by Satellites Dotted across the Sky 
Chapter 33 
A Life Dedicated to Satellites and a Model of Patriotism 
Chapter 34 
Happily Married for Nearly Sixty Years and Counting 
Chapter 35 
A Contented and Peaceful Life Always Centered around Aerospace 
Chapter 36 
One Last Hurrah from the Launch Site at Nearly 90 Years Old 
Chapter 37 
Continued Aerospace Development Will Make China Stronger Than Ever
Sun Jiadong: Life of an Aerospace Scientist