Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1)

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Spoken Chinese Course, written for Chinese language learners from scratch, is suitable for academic and non-academic education and primary oral materials of various international Chinese education teaching units. It can be used as a supplementary oral teaching material for Chinese Course (3rd Edition), or separately used as a primary oral training material.

This course is divided into 4 volumes of 64 lessons with each lesson roughly consisting of text, new words, notes, exercises, etc., in order to cultivate and practice students’ oral expression ability, which helps to lay a good foundation for students to enter higher grades or other majors (such as medicine, engineering, etc.) .

About the Author
Yang Jizhou, professor of Beijing Language and Culture University, has engaged in the field of CFL teaching and research and CFL textbook writing for many years. His published works include Teaching Syllabus of Elementary Chinese for Foreign Students, the Chinese Course (1st Edition) (Revised Edition) series, the Climbing up series, the Vocational Chinese series, 1700 Groups of Frequently Used Chinese Synonyms, 800 Frequently Used Chinese Function Words, The Commercial Press Learner’s Dictionary of Chinese Idioms, A Handbook of Spoken Chinese Sentences, etc. His major papers include Order of Grammatical Items in Elementary Level CFL Teaching and Issues in the Compilation of Elementary Chinese Textbooks, etc. Prof. Yang won the 2nd prize of 2001 Beijing (Higher) Education Achievements.

Editorial Review
1. The content is contemporary, interesting and flexible. The corpus is based on the study and life of international students. It can be used in conjunction with the Chinese Course, and can be used independently as an oral language teaching material.

2. The content arrangement is both scientific and practical. The first and second volumes are specially equipped with Chinese pinyin and English translations.

3. The types of practice question are abundant and practical. With the training of pronunciation and intonation carried out throughout, learners are able to produce correct pronunciation and intonation after practicing the pronunciation and intonation of words with approximant, completing sentences or conversations and reading aloud. After practicing speaking after reading and learning to express, learners can improve their expression ability.

4. Learners’ self-learning ability can be greatly cultivated. Rhyming poetry and famous words can cultivate learners’ interest in reading and stimulate their desire to express.

Spoken Chinese Course, divided into 4 volumes, 64 lessons totally, is designed for Chinese language learners from scratch to use for 1 year. The 4 volumes contain about 2,000 new words, most of which are common words. It is suggested to flexibly use this course according to the actual situation of teaching units and teaching objects.
Table of Contents
第三十三课 我想当一名志愿者
第三十四课 你见过大熊猫没有
第三十五课 这双比那双好看
第三十六课 我的手机有问题了
第三十七课 别把什么东西落在车上了
第三十八课 为送外卖的小哥点赞
第三十九课 你的作品被放在展览橱窗里了
第四十课 明天到得了到不了
第四十一课 她有一颗善良的心
第四十二课 我想把头发染成黑的
第四十三课 咱们去跳跳舞吧
第四十四课 这样的事儿是难免的
第四十五课 今天天气怎么样
第四十六课 我今天有个约会
第四十七课 来,我们干杯
第四十八课 她长得什么样儿
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1) (ISBN:9787561961797)
Sample pages of Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1) (ISBN:9787561961797)
Sample pages of Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1) (ISBN:9787561961797)
Sample pages of Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1) (ISBN:9787561961797)
Spoken Chinese Course (Hanyu Kouyu Jiaocheng) - Textbook 3 (Grade 1)