Somewhere Far Away

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Yang Yi,Venturing from the concrete jungle of the city into the wilds of nature was like breaking free from my cocoon and sailing into the heavens.
Table of Contents
Beautiful Places, Beautiful People 
Kanas, a Paradise 
Urho the Devil City 
The Great Prairie of Nalati 
Winter Fishing in Fuhai 
Turpan-An Oasis of Civilization 
The Shanxi Alley of Urumqi City 
Kashgar-An Ancient City on the Silk Road 
The Bustling Bazaar of Makit 
An Unforgettable Encounter in Yarkant 
A Sandstorm Sends Me to Pishan 
The Three Treasures of Hotan 
Keriya Experience 
Time in a Hidden Place 
Reaching the Source of Three Major Rivers 
A Close Observation of Mandala and a Day of Good Fortune 
Crossing the Trola Mountains, Worshipping at the Sutra-printing House 
Serthar's Larong Valley, a Place to Which I Hope to Return 
Once a Legendary Kingdom of Women 
Yanjing, Guardian of the Lancang River 
The Tibetan Section of National Highway 318 
Shigatse, Tibet 
Mysterious Ngari 
The Sacred Namtso Lake 
Shannan, Cradle of the Tibetan People 
Yunnan-A Land of Wonder 
Yuanyang Terraced Fields 
Dongchuan Red Land 
Hengduan Mountains 
Guizhou-Ethnic Minorities in the Mountains 
The Guzang Festive of the Miao 
Basha Miao Village, China's Last Tribe of Gunmen 
Zhaoxing Dong Village 
New Year of the Miao People 
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Sample pages of Somewhere Far Away (ISBN:9787119081724) 

Sample pages of Somewhere Far Away (ISBN:9787119081724) 

Gyantse hosts the Baiju Monastery, siruated at an altitude of 3,900 meters."Baiju" is the Chinese name of the monasterv while its Tibetan name is "Pelkor Chode," which means "monastery of the auspicious wheel and great joy." Started in 1427 during the Ming Dynasty,it took ten years to complete. 
Built at a time when various religious
Somewhere Far Away