Sidelights On Peking Life

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Table of Contents
Introduction—— By Hardy Jowett
Note on Romanization
Chapter Ⅰ A City of Pleasure
Chapter Ⅱ The Hutng and Its Inhabitants
Chapter Ⅲ Street Vendors
Chapter Ⅳ Flower Streets and Willow Lanes
Chapter Ⅴ Pawnshops, Middlemen and Money Lenders
Money Lenders
Chapter Ⅵ Feasts and Restaurants
Chapter Ⅶ Actors and the Theatre
Chapter Ⅷ Various Professions
Chapter Ⅸ Gates, Street Names and Various Places of Interest
Street Names
Certain Places of Interest
Chapter Ⅹ Politicians, Some Office Holders and
Certain Educationalists
Chapter Ⅺ Red Ceremonials, Marriages, Births and Birthdays
Chapter Ⅻ Tales of the Spirit World
Water Ghosts
Wall Building Ghosts
Hanging Ghosts
Barber Ghosts
Idol Ghosts
Ghosts Connected with Sickness and Death
Devil Possession
T'ou Sheng Kuei
Kuei Ch'ai, or "Harbingers of Death"
Spirit Foxes and Other Strange Phenomena
Precautions against Evil Influences
Ghost Festivals
Sidelights On Peking Life