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Author: Jeliet Bredon;
Language: English
Page: 364
ISBN: 9787560078472
Table of Contents
Chapter I Peking—A Historical Sketch
Chapter II The Wonderful Walls of Peking
Chapter III The Legation Quarter and Modern Peking
Chapter IV The Picturesqueness of the Past
Chapter V The Forbidden City
Chapter VI The Wings of the Forbidden City and the Coal Hill
Chapter VH The Sea Palaces and the Mongol Throne Hall
Chapter VIII The Temple of Heaven and the Temple of Agriculture
Chapter IX Three Temples of Three Faiths
Chapter X Temples of Many Gods
ChapterXI TemplesoftheTartarCity
Chapter XlI Temples of the Chinese City
Chapter XIII Temples and Tombs outside the City
Chapter XIV The Summer Palaces and the Jade Founmin
Chapter XV Temples of the Western Hills
Chapter XVI Temples of the Western Hills——(Concluded)
Chapter XVlI The Great Wall and the Ming Tombs
Chapter XVIII The Hsi Ling and the Tung Ling
Chapter XIX Peking—.The Old Curiosity Shop
Chapter XX The Fun of the Fair
Appendix I The Dynasties of China
Appendix II The Principal Festivals and Fairs in Peking