Listening to Rain on the Water

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Language: Chinese, English
Page: 159
Publication Date: 10/2013
ISBN: 9787511014399
Publisher: Dolphin Book
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 A Stranger in a Foreign Land 
Chapter 2 Three Pairs of Major Opposing Factors in Conrad’s Work 
The Virtual and the Real in Narcissus— The Nigger of the “Narcissus” 
Sea without Land— Typhoon 
Civilization and Primitiveness in Darkness— Heart of Darkness 
Crossing the Shadow Line— The Shadow-Line 
Death under the Shadow— The Secret Agent 
Crime and Punishment under Western Eyes— Under Western Eyes 
Impact of Four National Cultural Areas on Three Pairs of Main Opposing Factors in Conrad’s Subject Matter 
Chapter 3 John Cheever’s Creative Techniques in His Short Novels 
Narrow Background 
Non-dramatic Plots 
Incomplete Endings 
Included in the System— Non-personalization of Characters 
Cheever and Chekhov 
Biography of John Cheever 
Chapter 4 The Scars of Hemingway 
Transfer of Scars 
Hemingway’s Prescription for Trauma 
What Hurts Hemingway? 
Chapter 5 Contemporary British Female Novelists 
Chapter 6 Artistic Technique: “Black Humor” 
Subject Matter 
Plot and Character 
The Authors’Attitude toward Themselves and Their Readers
Stream of Consciousness 
Mobilization of Scientific Concepts 
Rhetoric and Grammar
Listening to Rain on the Water