Shanghai Pudong New Area Statistical Yearbook 2013

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"Statistical Yearbook 2013 Shanghai Pudong New Area," is a set of data in one of the Pudong New Area, a large tool. Book through a lot of statistical data in bilingual form records the Pudong New Area development and opening up the process of socio-economic development, comprehensive display of the Pudong New Area in 2012 a new phase in the second venture, economic, social, technological and focus on developing District and other aspects of development and change. Yearbook of leadership at all levels, theoretical research and practical workers, and domestic development and opening up people concerned about the people who understand the Pudong Pudong Pudong study involved the development and construction of Pudong desk tool. 2009, the Pudong New Area administrative system has undergone major changes. April 24, the State Council approved administrative regions included in Nanhui District, Pudong New Area. May 6, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government formally announced the merger. As in previous years the two areas a lot of data in statistical methodology, statistical, statistical coverage and other aspects of inconsistency, the data can not simply be added together, there is a certain degree of difficulty retrospectively. Therefore, unless otherwise stated, the Yearbook since 2009, the statistics are new Pudong data (ie, including the original Nanhui District), Pudong previous years remained of the original data. 2011, part of the town, Pudong New Area for adjustment of administrative divisions. October 28th Shanghai Municipal People's Government approved the revocation of Chuansha New Town, the town formed six stoves, establishment of new Chuansha New Town; revocation Zhuqiao formed to establish a new Zhuqiao, its administrative area adjusted accordingly. Due to the adjustment time is short, so this year's yearbook carve town administrative divisions and population data in addition to data under the new administrative region statistics, other administrative regions are still using the original statistics. The average growth rate in the Yearbook of the chain based on the annual growth rate obtained by multiplying before you prescribe. The book is divided into nineteen contents. Includes: 1. Integrated; 2. Population; 3. Fixed asset investment; 4. Investment; 5. Agriculture; 6. Industry; 7 Construction; 8. Financial and factor markets; 9 Real Estate; 10. Domestic foreign trade; 11. services, tourism and accommodation industry; 12 science and technology; 13 people's lives; 14. Employment and Social Security; 15 education, culture, sports and health; 16. law, social security and other; 17. urban construction and environmental protection; 18 focus zones and street town; 19. Shanghai statistics. Data units of measurement used are internationally standard measurement units. Part of the data in this yearbook Total number or relative number of units to choose different calculation error not adjusted. Pudong New Area in the administrative management system in November 1995 on the withdrawal of rural towns, the implementation of the town of the village system. Therefore, the yearbook of "town" and "the town and the town industrial" and other indicators with the national implications of the "rural" and "above the township level industry" and other indicators of the same meaning. Notations used in this yearbook description: "#" indicates a certain indicators major items; "..." indicates less than the minimal number of units of measurement; "space" indicates that the statistical indicators unknown or no data or zero. According to the State Council and the National Bureau of Statistics, China's GDP accounting and data dissemination system requires, the Pudong New Area's GDP since 2004 renamed "Pudong New Area's GDP," the "New Product (GDP)." , The yearbook of the absolute value added and GDP at current prices, the growth rate at constant prices. In the use of statistical data, where the discrepancy with the yearbook, are subject to the yearbook.
Shanghai Pudong New Area Statistical Yearbook 2013