Journal of Language Planning 2016.1

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Journal of Language Planning is an important journal on the subject of language planning, presenting researchfindings in the fields of language policy and language planning theory,language standardization, international organizations and country-specificlanguage policy, world language education, language planning in differentdynasties in the Chinese history, language life and language ecology, etc. Thepurpose is to provide a platform for academic communication and sharing amongexperts and scholars studying social linguistics and language planning,etc.TheIssue No. 2 of Journal of LanguagePlanning consists of 7 articles on language policy and planning, coveringfive aspects, i.e. language norms and standards, language policy planning,language life and ecology, language education planning, and internationalorganizations and country-specific language policy, making a profound probeinto certain issues about language planning and the language life and ecologyin China and other countries. The major articles are as follows:ADif?cult Issue in the Examination of Pronunciations in Putonghua—VariantPronunciations of Ancient Rusheng Characters: Its History, Current Situationsand Our Re?ections / WANG Hongjun ImportantExplorations and Practice of the Policy on the Use of Foreign Language in China—AReview of Guidelines for the Use of English in Public Service Areas / ZHANGRipeiLanguageManagement Theory: Origins and Developments / HE Shanhua, DAI ManchunAStudy of the Discourse Incompleteness of the Elderly / LIU Chuqun LandscapeLinguistics of the Chinese Language in the U.S.: A New Perspective / CHENWeiheng EnglishIs Not a Stumbling Block to L1 Education —Discussions on the Education of Englishand Chinese in Primary Schools / LI Guimei Reform of the French Spelling Rules and ItsInspirations / XU Jingrong<br/>
<b>About the Author</b><br/>
Li Yuming, professorof BLCU, is a standing director of the Chinese Linguistics Society, presidentof the Language Policy and Planning Board, and vice president of theInternational Association of Chinese Linguistics. Other positions Mr. Li onceheld include the deputy director of the State Language Commission, head of theDepartment of Language Information Administration of the Ministry of Education,and director of the Institute of Applied Linguistics of the Ministry ofEducation. Mr. Li has won many important awards and titles, including a specialgovernment allowance from the State Council, a national Labor Day medal, and a “2013Distinguished Chinese Visiting Scholar” title from The Hong Kong PolytechnicUniversity. Li’s major research interests focus on theoretical linguistics, syntax,psychological linguistics, and language planning. He has published more than 20books, including Development of ChildLanguage, On the Quantity Category inChinese, A Catalogue of GrammarStudies, and Language Planning in China,as well as over 430 academic papers, which have been translated into Mongolian,Tibetan, Uyghur, Japanese, French, English, Russian and other languages. He isalso the chief editor of A Global ChineseDictionary and a co-editor of TheLanguage Situation in China (Vol. 1-3), published by The Commercial Pressin association with De Gruyter of Germany. Mr. Li is now the host of severalstate-funded projects, including the compilation of Dictionary of Global Chinese and “Research on LanguageStandardization in the New Era”.<br/>
Journal of Language Planning 2016.1