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ISBN: 9787313097309 | Published on 09/2013
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120 Chinese-English Poems by Tang Poets
ISBN: 9787313122063 | Published on 11/2014
120 Chinese-English Poems by Tang Poets"" has selected 120 Tang poems most of which are quatrains, arranged in Chinese-English bilingual...

Chinese Character and Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787313237385 | Published on 10/2020

Particles Kinetic Characteristic of a Horizontal Self-Excited Pneumatic Conveying System
ISBN: 7313153287, 9787313153289 | Published on 09/2016

An Investigation into Pragmatic Markers in Chinese EFL Learners' Spoken English: A Corpus-Based Approach (English Version)
ISBN: 9787313140678, 7313140673 | Published on 12/2015
This book is an open and innovative study platform for the purpose of exploring the latest fields in modern foreign language researches and a...

Microfabrication of Stimuli-Responsive Polymers
ISBN: 9787313220998 | Published on 11/2021

Memory of Shanghai
ISBN: 9787313056320,731305632X | Published on 07/2010
Using both pictures and words, this book demonstrates the development history of the Shanghai city and its people and culture with vivid images....

Survival Chinese (2nd Edition) Vol 1
ISBN: 9787313143860 | Published on 07/2017 | Series: Survival Chinese (2nd Edition) | Reviews:
This is a three-dimensional Chinese tutorial specially designed for zero-based adult expats in China. According to the requirements of General...

Introduction to chinese tourism cultures
ISBN: 9787313124449 | Published on 06/2016

Guide on The Practice of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina
ISBN: 9787313174284 | Published on 06/2017

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