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Chinese Character Practice Tracing Book
ISBN: 9787313069368 | Published on 01/2013 | Reviews:
Frequently used 200 Chinese characters.   Each character comes with pinyin, radicals, stroke order and sample sentence.   Two...

Folk Houses South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058713 | Published on 09/2009 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
For the purpose of collecting data, the author visitedmany villages in the region south of the Yangtze to makeon-the-spot investigations of hundreds...

Wood Construction South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058485 | Published on 08/2009
The author of this book relied on field study and documents as basic methods of research, including over ten years of travel through the region south...

ISBN: 9787313097309 | Published on 09/2013
... more info

An English-Chinese Maritime Dictionary
ISBN: 9787313052780 | Published on 10/2008
... more info

An English-Chinese Information Technology Dictionary
ISBN: 7313068506,9787313068507 | Published on 01/2011

Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 7313063466,9787313063465 | Published on 04/2010 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
The building of the Buddhist monastery is an important component of Chinese ancient architectural culture. Its architectural location,architectural...

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Idioms and Phrases
ISBN: 9787313062581 | Published on 08/2010

Technology News Chinese to English Translation
ISBN: 9787313249821 | Published on 12/2021

Dao De Jing
ISBN: 9787313256904 | Published on 11/2021
Aiming for Dao, based on De, relying on Ren (benevolence), and roaming around Yi (the six arts) - Confucius  Should I learn Dao in the morning,...

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