Selections from Records of the Historian (Art Album)

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The Records of the Historian was written by Sima Qian (145-90 BC), a great historian of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-25 AD) who dedicated his whole life to the book. China's first historical work centering on people rather than events, it presents a general Chinese history of some 3,000 years, from the legendary Yellow Emperor to 122 BC - the first year of the Yuanshou reign of Han Emperor Wu.
This book follows the original structure and style of the Records of the Historian, from which 24 representative chapters were selected and each divided into several interesting stories. A few pithy stories may acquaint you with the lives of noted figures from Chinese history. In addition, about 200 photographs are incorporatde to help readers understand China's ancient past.
Table of Contents
Basic Annals
The First Emperor of Qin
Xiang Yu
Hereditary Houses
Goujian,king of yue
Chen She
Zhang Liang,Marquis of Liu
Prime Minister Chen Ping
Sun Wu and Wu Qi
Wu Zixu
Lord Shang
Mencins and Xun Qing
Lord Mengchang
Lord Pingyuan and Yu Qing
Lian Po and Lin Xiangru
Lu Buwei
The Assassins
Han Xin,Mqrquis Of Huaiyin
Zhang Shizhi and Feng Tang
The Marquises of Weiqi and Wu`an
Li Guang
The Princes of Huainan and Hengshan
The Harsh Offcials
The Gallant Citizens
The Jesters
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Selections from Records of the Historian (Art Album)