Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Medog County, the Tibet Autonomous Region

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Process, Initiatives and Achievements of Poverty Elimination in the Tibet Autonomous Region
1 Overview of the Tibet Autonomous Region
2 Review of the Process of Poverty Alleviation in Tibet
3 Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Targeted Poverty Eradication in Tibet
Chapter Two Road of Poverty Alleviation in Medog County
1 Overview of the Natural Environment and Economic and Social Development of Medog County
2 Historical and Natural Factors Leading to Poverty in Medog County
3 Comprehensive and Targeted Measures Adopted to Make Progress in All Aspects of Poverty Alleviation
4 Keeping an Eye on the Problem, and Comprehensively Analyzing and Identifying the Shortcomings
5 Medog County Has Gained Valuable Experience in Poverty Alleviation
6 Running the "Last Kilometer" for Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in All Respects
Chapter Three Promoting Infrastructure Construction in Medog County
1 Fundamental Development Changes in Transportation Infrastructure in Medog County
2 Realizing the Power Supply in Every Township to Help to Win the Fight Against Poverty
3 Promoting the Construction of Moderately Prosperous Villages at the Border
Chapter Four Tea Industry Development and Poverty Alleviation in Medog County
1 Forming Ties with Tea Industry
2 Remarkable Effects of the Tea Industry on Poverty Alleviation and the Worthy Experience
Chapter Five Tourism Development in Medog County
1 Abundant Tourism Industry Resources in Medog County
2 Medog's Gratifying Momentum of the Diversified Development of Tourism Industry
3 Experience and Inspiration of Tourism Industry Development in Medog County
Chapter Six Educational and Intellectual Poverty Alleviation in Medog County
1 Improving the Weak Situation of Basic Education
2 Strictly Implementing Policies to Benefit the People and Ensuring Fairness in Education
3 Vigorously Developing Skills Training and Eliminating Illiteracy
4 Achievements and Enlightenment of Education and Intellectual Poverty Alleviation in Medog County
Chapter Seven Overview of Medical and Health Care and Effectiveness of Infectious Disease Control in Medog County
1 New Situation in the Development of Medical and Health Care
2 Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Measures Have Been Improved, and a Relatively Sound Epidemic Prevention Network Has Been Formed
3 Gaining Valuable Experience in the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases to Effectively Help Poverty Alleviation
Chapter Eight Protection and Inheritance of Medog's Traditional National Culture
1 Medog's Traditional National Culture with Rich Connotation
2 Gratifying Achievements by Multi-Measures and Multi-Channels to Protect and Inherit the Medog Traditional Culture
3 Thoughts and Suggestions for Further Promoting the Protection and Inheritance of the Traditional Culture of Medog County
Chapter Nine Summary of the Situation of Poverty Alleviation in Nyingchi City and Medog County
1 Poverty Problems in Nyingchi City, "Tibetan Jiangnan"
2 Multiple Measures and Comprehensive Strategies to Win the Victory of Poverty Alleviation
3 Valuable Experience Has Been Gained in Poverty Alleviation
Chapter Ten Experience, Significance and Inspiration of Poverty Alleviation in the Tibet Autonomous Region
1 Experience of Tibet in Winning the Fight Against Poverty
2 Significance of Tibet's Victory in the Fight Against Poverty
3 Thinking about the Path of Promoting the Organic Connection Between Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization
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Research Reports on the Elimination of Poverty in China - Medog County, the Tibet Autonomous Region