Rebellion against Heaven

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Monkey King win the bet with Dragon King of the Eastern Sea, and take away the Magic Sea Fixing Pin As-You-Will Gold-Banded Cudgel. Dragon King accuses Monkey King of stealing his Magic Sea Fixing Pin to Jade Emperor. Then Jade Emperor appoints Monkey King as Protector of the Horse. When Monkey King knows Protector of the Horse is just a little position, he becomes rather angry. Then Jade Emperor cajoles him into guarding Queen Mothers Peach Garden. When Monkey King knows everyone is invited to the Peach Banquet except himself, he is so angry that he fights with the generals and soldiers in the heaven. No one can defeat him. Later, Monkey King returns to Mountain of Flower and Fruit, and go on being a free and happy Handsome Monkey King.

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Sample pages of Rebellion against Heaven (ISBN:9787511013293)

Sample pages of Rebellion against Heaven (ISBN:9787511013293)

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Rebellion against Heaven