Readings of Chinese Culture Series: Fiction 1

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Author: Pan Wenguo; Li Jie; ;
Language: English
Page: 323
Publication Date: 06/2018
ISBN: 9787544651592
The series will cover a wide range of writings including but not restricted to works of different literary genres. For the first batch, we are glad to provide three books of essays and one book of short stories, all written by authors of the 20th century. They will be continued by a batch of serious academic writings on premodern Chinese classics in philosophy, literature, and historiography, written by influential scholars of our time.
Table of Contents
The Sea Dream
The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband
The Beijing People (Excerpts)
The True Heroes (Excerpts)
Under the Sky (Excerpts)
An Old Well
The Wilderness
Flying Over My Hometown of Maple and Poplar
Huang Yao
The Dry Ravine
The Stories of the Taibai Mountain (Excerpts)
New Literary Sketches (Excerpts)
Walking on the Street
On Edge
The Scissors
The President's Last Words
Father's Stories: Camel Dung
Taotao the Novice Monk
The Reincarnation
The Death of the Gatekeeper
The Horse-carriage Driver
The Public Kitchen
In the Grass
The Earrings
The Festival of the Eighteenth
The Hidden Darts
The Bitter Bamboo
A Bird Passing By
The Dreamlike Song
The Lynx
The Debt in 1956
Readings of Chinese Culture Series: Fiction 1