Puting the People’s Intersts above Everything Else

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This book explores the various tenets at the core of the Chinese Communist Party’s government, such as “To serve the people,” “To govern for the people,” or “Putting people first.”Through a great number of successful, remarkable and vivid case studies, it explains to the world why the Communist Party has been able to overcome all sorts of difficulties and setbacks, and march from victory to victory. In particular, the book analyzes how, in thespecific historical circumstancesthat it faces at present, the Partymay triumph of the tremendous resistance facing political reform, and solve a variety of issues related to the sentiments, lives and political power of the Chinese people. These issues represent today’s major challenge for the Chinese Communist Party, as well as its raison d’être; but they also constitute answers and explanations to many doubts currently prevalent in Western societies. This book, which has the objective of being entertaining, readable and full of interesting stories, seeks to capture the attention of many Western readers not yet familiar with the history and principles of the Chinese Communist Party.
Puting the People’s Intersts above Everything Else