Proceedings of The IMF: Global Modernization Review IV: Innovation and Modernization

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  • Author: He Chuanqi; ;
  • Language: English
  • Page: 326
  • Publication Date: 03/2024
  • ISBN: 9787030765628
  • Publisher: Science Press
Table of Contents
Part I Innovation & Modernization 1
The Next Generation EU Program as an Instance of Innovative Institutional Response to Public Health Crisis 3
Production Sector Policies for Innovation 10
Open Innovation and Sustained Globalization Will Benefit Each Other 13
Risk and Trust at This Time: New Challenge for Modernization 38
ESG in Russia Business 44
Part II Innovation Driving & Modernization 65
Institutional Ecology Construction of China’s Primitive Creativity 67
Analysis of the Impact Factors on the Innovation of Intelligent Logistics of China's E-commerce Platform under the Background of Artificial Intelligence 78
Research on the Interactive Relationship Between Industrial Chain Competitiveness and Supply Chain Modernization Level 99
Part III Technological Innovation & Economic Growth 119
Innovation, Diffusion, and Sunk Cost Effect 121
The Importance of the Logistics Performance Index in International Trade: Case of Lower-and Upper-Middle-Income Countries 133
Research on the Coupling Relationship Between S&T Innovation and Economy in Beijing 150
Part IV Knowledge Innovation & Social Progress 159
Generations of Young Adults in Modern Russia 161
Technological Innovation and Enterprise Development: A Comparative Study of Recombinant Human Insulin Technology Between China and the United States 167
Modernization and Education in Central and Eastern Europe: Paths of Evolvement and the Future 177
The Role of National Science and Technology Communication System Construction on Knowledge Innovation 183
Part V Open Innovation & Green Development 189
Russian Economy Environmental Modernization Towards Green Economy Through the UNSustainable Development Goals Implementation and Regulation and Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Development: International Experience and National Aspects 191
Evaluation of an Ecological Innovation System Based on Function, Process and Sustainability 201
Decision-making and Implementation of Rural Clean Energy Heating Retrofitting: A Study on the Participation of Multiple Actors 216
Part VI Sci-Tech Revolution & World Modernization 229
Scientific & Technological Revolution in the Second Half of the 20th Century Romania 231
Industrial Revolution and the Modernization of Interactive Means of Human Society 237
Study on the Characteristics of World Typical Cities’ Transportation Modernization 244
The Role of Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Modernization Process 253
Part VII Criteria & Measures of Modernization and China Modernization 255
Optimization of Talent Allocation and China's Modernization 257
Basic Experience of the New Road of Chinese Modernization 264
Chinese Social Transformation and the Rule of Law 271
On China's Governance Modernization: Connotation, Characteristics and Implementation Strategy 272
Modernization Theory: Chinese and Western Intercourse 280
New Concept of Development: A New Concept of China's Modernization 299
A Reconsideration of China’s Agricultural Modernization Since 1949 306
The Balanced Practices of China Toward Modernization 308
The Measurement of World Modernization 309
World Modernization Index 2018 321
Proceedings of The IMF: Global Modernization Review IV: Innovation and Modernization